Traceability, Transparency, Trust in Your Supply Chain. From Source to Shelf.

SigNature® T helps cure ailing supply chains through the implementation of molecular tagging, testing and compliance programs with trusted textile supply chain partners. For premium Pima cotton, fiberTyping® provides a diagnosis on “blended” pima products. Based on patented fiberTyping technology, an enhanced genotyping program to identify specific cultivars located in certain geographies is being developed in collaboration with the US Department of Agriculture.


SigNature T DNA is compatible with a diverse range of source materials, substrates and specialty coatings


SigNature T DNA testing of tagged fiber, yarn, fabrics keeps your supply chain pure from source to shelf


Collect data on raw materials, components and finished products as they progress through the supply chain.

Make your mark with SigNature T

SigNature T DNA tags are custom designed to be compatible and stable in a wide range of textile substrates and manufacturing processes. SigNature T DNA is a secure and cost-effective way to assure quality in natural and synthetic fibers, offering forensic-level authentication at any point in the supply chain, from fiber to finished goods.

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  • Custom-designed DNA tags are unique and traceable to each customer, product, batch or lot
  • SigNature T DNA tags cannot be copied
  • Robust, strongly adherent to fiber, yarn or fabric
  • No impact on performance or quality of material
  • Economical, easy to apply on large scale

SigNature T Tagging and Authentication

We believe that product authentication is the foundation of successful, quality driven businesses. Applied DNA Sciences works with textile and apparel clients to systematically tag and test different batches and lots marked with SigNature T, from fiber to fabric.

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Protect reputation and intellectual property
  • Assist in quality control and assurance
  • Assist in compliance with applicable laws
  • Promote legal enforceability of transactions
  • Minimize losses by reducing illegal activity
  • Monitor and verify supply chain
SignatureT textile and apparel DNA marker


“The Himatsingka Group remains committed to bringing cotton traceability for all major varietals of cotton including Egyptian cotton, while maintaining the highest standards of traceability solutions and quality control mechanisms. We applaud Applied DNA for advancing the solutions for the cotton industry as we believe that DNA science is the new standard for purity and authenticity.”

Shrikant Himatsingka, CEO of The Himatsingka Group

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