Hear from our partners and customers


“Applied DNA’s CertainT platform
provides customers and brands
with the highest level of trust
in terms of the authenticity
of their products.”

Manu Kapur
President and CEO, GHCL Home Textiles


“SigNature molecular tags and authentication technologies provide value-addition at a time when regulators are demanding that the industry implement serialization in order to track packaging.”

Kelly Boyer
General Manager of Film Coatings, Colorcon, Inc.


“The expanded portfolio supports and
enhances the ETCH Biotrace brand
and strategy to offer a comprehensive
end-to-end solution to tag, test
and track from source to retail shelf.”

Jason Warnock
CEO, TheraCann International

Applied DNA is…

using biotechnology as a forensic foundation, to create unique security solutions that address the challenges of modern commerce. Whether working in supply chain security, brand protection or law enforcement applications, our goal is to help establish secure and flourishing environments that foster quality, integrity and success.

SigNature® DNA resists wash off, even in aggressive industrial treatment baths. Results are not obscured by false positives. We are not afraid to be tested in court. We are not just a warning sticker on a door: SigNature DNA technology enforces deterrent value with real, proven results.