Transforming the World via PCR

Therapeutic DNA Production

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We deliver enzymatically-produced Linea™DNA as an alternative to current plasmid-based DNA manufacturing processes with advantages of speed, purity and scalability to support the next generation of nucleic acid-based therapies. Manufactured by a proprietary, large-scale PCR based platform, Linea™DNA allows for the rapid and efficient cell-free production of high-fidelity DNA sequences.

Enterprise-scale Diagnostic Testing Solutions

At ADCL, our clinical laboratory subsidiary, we leverage our expertise in DNA detection via PCR to develop and provide enterprise-scale, genetic testing services. ADCL is a New York State Department of Health Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP permitted), Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified laboratory that is currently permitted for virology.

NYSDOH has granted approval for ADCL’s TR8™ pharmacogenomics (PGx) assay designed to interrogate DNA targets on over 33 genes and provide genotyping information relevant to certain cardiac, mental health, oncology, and pain management drug therapies.

Supply Chain Authentication

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CertainT® proof point technologies help brands and manufacturers build trust and transparency, and delivers the truth needed to establish and maintain supply chain integrity.

CertainT enables source and authenticity verification of materials and products, at any point, as they pass through supply chains.

Combining molecular science, data and system integration for healthcare and business solutions

Hear from our partners and customers

Supply Chain Authentication

“Traceability has now added more authenticity and credibility to the entire textile supply chain and is becoming an integral part of the recycling process. With Applied DNA and CertainT, our customers can now trust in the original tagged synthetic fiber and verify product-related sustainability claims.

B.P. Sultania
Joint President, Ganesha Ecosphere Limited

Linea DNA

“We are impressed by the distinguishing character of the iCTC assay…which directly mimics the behavior of metastatic cells in the body, by capturing iCTCs after they invade a cellular adhesion matrix directly from fresh blood. These live metastatic cells can be counted and characterized by unique biomarkers from LRX. iCTCs can be cultured and analyzed by the latest genomic methods.”

Dr. Giuseppe Del Priore
Former Chief Medical Officer of TYME Technologies, Inc.

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Quality. It’s in our DNA.

At Applied DNA Sciences, everything we do is motivated by Quality. From concept to commerce, ADNAS employees have been trained to comply with external regulatory guidance defined by ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and current Good Manufacturing Practices.