Our brand promise is:
We Keep Life Real and Safe,

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With molecular technology at the core of our solutions, we’re able to help our customers deliver on their goals and objectives while striving to fulfill our brand promise to the world.

We have two core business segments, one focused on supply chain authentication across multiple industries. The second is focused on large scale linear DNA production for diagnostics and vaccines.

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Marketplace Integrity – Our CertainT® platform is the engine that helps our customers establish sound supply and distribution chains that ensure consumer safety and satisfaction. We help brands, new and established, create the trust that fosters enduring consumer enthusiasm and loyalty.

The three-pillar CertainT® solution:

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CertainT® gives retail brands and manufacturers the power of true authentication;
a compelling, technology-supported, narrative engages and retains customers.


A unique molecular tag is added to raw materials, finished products, and on labels and packaging.


Material and product integrity is verified throughout the supply chain by confirming the presence of the unique molecular tag.


All data associated with tagging and testing activities are captured, facilitating a clear understanding of their supply chain dynamic.

LinearDNA™ Biopharmaceutical Solutions

Our large-scale production of DNA sequences using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) delivers highly purified DNA, without the complications of plasmids, for use in cell therapies, vaccines, diagnostics, and gene therapies.

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LinearDNA in large lots with quantifiable reproducibility improves production efficiency, and the overall quality, accuracy and reproducibility of our customer’s products.

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