Leather Supply Chain Protection

The CertainT® Platform for leather provides users a single streamlined platform to tag, test and track their products throughout the supply chain.

Products can be tagged and tested at multiple stages during manufacture, so CertainT Platform participants will be able to offer an efficient and trusted traceability system for their supply chains.

Applied DNA Sciences’ patented and proprietary molecular tagging and testing systems which underpin the CertainT Platform provide supply chain certainty that protect products, brands, supply chains, and intellectual property from fraud, counterfeiting, theft and diversion.

preserve supply chain traceability | ensure product performance
verify sustainability claims | combat counterfeiting

SigNature® molecular tags can be applied to leather at many points in the supply chain. However, Applied DNA believes the most cost-effective points to tag leather are:

  • Apply to wet blue or wet white and verify upon receipt at the finishing tannery
  • Apply during re-tanning or finishing , either in wet-crust, or in a finish coating, and verify at the product manufacturer, distribution center and/or retail establishment

consumer confidence | claim certification | supply chain integrity | IP protection | quality assurance

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