As Vice President of Textiles for Applied DNA Sciences, I have been very fortunate to travel and meet many people from around the world. As part of my recent visit to GHCL’s manufacturing facility in Vapi, India, I was invited to take part in a tree planting ceremony. This demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a clean, safe and sustainable environment, as well as a conscious effort to bring meaningful, responsible and traceable solutions to the retailers and brands that depend on products that can be verified from source to shelf.



The “new normal” in supply chains is to go beyond a paper-based system. Our collaboration with the GHCL team means that traceability is seamless, by performing testing and tracking from fiber to yarn to fabric to finished goods. No other system can tag physical goods and ensure purity in every aspect of the manufacture of the finished good. Forensic tagging has revolutionized how we think about traceability and sustainability.


We are so proud that our CertainT technology platform is an integral part of REKOOP, a new brand of sustainable bedding made from recycled plastic. Rekoop bedding is made by blending cotton with polyester fiber obtained from recycling PET bottles. It is sustainable, durable and free of any hazardous chemicals. Molecular tagging of the recycled fiber secures its complete authenticity and traceability.

Watch this video for more info about how you can join the Tagged Universe.

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