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CertainT Platform

The CertainT® platform has three technology pillars (Tag, Test, Track) which allows raw materials and products to be tagged with a unique molecular identifier. This identifier can then be tested for its presence as it travels throughout a global supply chain. All the data points associated to tagging and testing are tracked by uploading to a secure cloud database. The platform can be used across industries such as textiles, cannabis, military, leather, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, personal care.


Products and materials are assigned a secure identity via molecular tagging and other visually-identifiable or machine-readable features. Tagging can be implemented anywhere during the lifecycle or supply chain (source, manufacturing, branding) to ensure authenticity.

Raw materials, components, finished goods and packaging can be tagged using techniques that verify provenance, integrity and authenticity.

Custom molecular tags are produced to work seamlessly with your process and product. Our team will develop, validate and implement the ideal solution to fit your needs.


Testing can be conducted at Applied DNA’s forensic laboratories, on-site or in-field with prescribed processes and tools.

Molecular tag analysis determines applied identity.

Optical and digital rapid-screening tools offer a quick, economical means of in-field screening.

Results may be provided in the form of Go/No-Go reports or detailed data for comparative and trending decisions.

Certification Services include training, standard operating procedures, audit protocols, expert witness reporting, and local field operations for product sampling.


Collect data from tagged and tested raw materials as they are incorporated into finished goods.

Information regarding chain of custody, geolocation and date/time stamp, lot or serial number identity are useful for proactive and reactive audits. The data points captured can be shared with customers to prove origin, authenticity, product claims with definitive scientific proof.

Our Customers Know CertainT

The Benefits of CertainT

A range of standard operating procedures, industry-standard practices and proprietary molecular testing that demonstrates commitment from all members of your supply chain. Consumers will have confidence that claims and ingredients listed on the label are proven in the finished product.

Our technology is based on forensic science. ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 practices and facilities are audited regularly to maintain our high standards for certifying products. Certificates of DNA Analysis document results with expert witness testimony for use with litigators, company management and stakeholders.

Access to real-time and archived samples provides enhanced visibility throughout your supply chain.

Our associates and partners offer a strategic global portfolio to complement your existing security measures. Establish and monitor a secure supply chain and product authenticity program.

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CertainT supply chain authenticity logo
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