What is SmartDNA?

SmartDNA is a long-lasting tagging solution for the EMEA region which contains a unique molecular signature that helps you to protect and recover lost or stolen items.

Four easy steps to protect your valuables

  1. Register your unique SmartDNA code.
  2. Tag your items with SmartDNA.
  3. Affix the SmartDNA labels to your home / vehicle / marked property
  4. Enjoy your protected valuables

Criminals will now be deterred from stealing your tagged property

Protecting your possessions with the SmartDNA General Purpose Marking Kit reduces the risk of theft and increases the likelihood that a valuable will be returned.

Your SmartDNA-protected valuables become forensically linked to you. A quick UV light scan establishes that the SmartDNA tag is present, forensic analysis verifies ownership of the tagged and registered item. So a recovered item can be quickly and accurately tracked and returned. Police and security professionals across the country support SmartDNA as an effective means of establishing recovered property ownership, and facilitating its quick return.

SmartDNA can be safely applied to a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic and textiles.

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Tony Benson
Managing Director, EMEA