Anti-Counterfeiting Protection for Bearings

Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF)

Single Authentication Technology for Multiple High-Risk Commodities (HQ0147-14-C-8019)

  • Work conducted with guidance of DLA SMEs and commercial industry partners.
  • Demonstrated capability to mark and authenticate 6 FSGs (66 FSCs) representing a range of sizes, shapes and substrates:
  • FSG 59 (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components)
  • FSG 25 (Vehicular Equipment Components)
  • FSG 29 (Engine Accessories)
  • FSG 47 (Pipe, Tubing, Hose and Fittings)
  • FSG 53 (Hardware and Abrasives)
  • FSG 31 (Bearings)
A scientist looking at a DNA sequence

Background: Government and Military Programs

  • Introduce government and industry to DNA marking, authentication and traceability.
  • 3 month subcontract from LMI (on behalf of DLA HQ) to prove feasibility at Altera (San Jose, CA).
  • 18 month subcontract from LMI to demonstrate full scale production at Amkor (South Korea) for Altera.
  • DLA requirement for procurement of only DNA-marked FSC 5962 microcircuits from qualified suppliers.
  • Onboarded 30+ DLA-qualified suppliers of FSC 5962 microcircuits.
  • Awarded one year Missile Defense Agency SBIR Phase 1.
  • DLA & L&M (Columbus, OH) in-house DNA marking lab opens.
  • Awarded two year MDA SBIR Phase 2 and two year OSD RIF.
  • Non-DOD Agency asset marking program.
  • Support DLA Land & Maritime Continuous Improvement
  • Completed Missile Defense Agency SBIR.
  • Completed Office of the Secretary of Defense RIF.
  • Awarded Non-DOD Agency 5 year Blanket Purchase Agreement.
  • Awarded second 2 year OSD RIF
  • Pending Proposals
  • Completed supply chain simulation including authentication at each location

Bearings (FSC 3110, 3210)

Work conducted under the OSD RIF with guidance of DLA Aviation (Richmond, VA) SMEs and commercial industry partners.

  • Royco 308CA Lubricating Oil- used in both the preservation and operation of bearings
  • FTM 3007
  • MIL-PRF-32033A
  • ASTM D92
  • ASTM D91-1
  • ASTM D91-2
  • FTM 3458.1
  • ASTM D1748

Blending SigNature DNA into Castrol Brayco 300 and Quaker® Ferrocote 5856 BF T1

  • Heat accelerated (175°F, 50% RH) shelf life study that emulates a 10-year shelf life storage condition.
  • DNA inoculated rust preventive was manufactured at the plant; it was supplied to a bearing manufacturing plant where it was applied to the finished bearings; DNA inoculated rust preventive based bearings were shipped to a packaging warehouse. The whole process was laid out; procedures were documented and DNA inoculated rust preventive was successfully tracked and traced at all three locations, thus validating the technology.
authenticated industrial bearings in a row

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