signature T tagging and testing platform

tagging and testing platform

SigNature® T DNA keeps textiles real and safe with our unique molecular tagging, testing and traceability system. SigNature T allows for superior quality control and assurance at any point in your supply chain, for ultimate textile brand protection.
Fiber, yarn, fabric and garment labels can be tagged with SigNature T. Patented and proprietary, SigNature T is stable and adheres tenaciously to virtually any textile substrate, including natural and synthetic fibers. These molecular tags cannot be copied and survive standard textile treatment processes.


To achieve pima cotton certainty, SigNature T DNA tagging is complemented with fiberTyping®

What is fiberTyping?

fiberTyping is a patented DNA test that can be used to determine if a product contains the presence of Gossypium barbadense DNA (Extra Long Staple “ELS”), Gossypium hirsutum DNA (Upland), or a blend of both.

fiberTyping is a powerful tool to help the cotton industry ensure that products labeled as 100% ELS, or 100% Pima, are compliant with label claims.



A scientist looking at a DNA sequence

fiberTyping is only available for SigNature T customers


What is fiberTyping with Quantification?

fiberTyping with quantification provides information about the percentage of Extra Long Staple (ELS) DNA and Upland DNA present in a “blended” sample. This service is available only when a result is determined to be a blend. Quantification is only available for greige fabrics. For more information about this service, please contact us at


SigNature T DNA Authentication

SigNature T DNA tags can be authenticated from samples, including raw fiber, greige (unprocessed) yarn or greige fabric, dyed yarn or fabric, and finished products. Applied DNA Sciences offers volume-based DNA Authentication Packages that will allow for a samples to be tested, and help to provide quality control and quality assurance to identify supply chain irregularities quickly.



Know your supply chain

SigNature T DNA and fiberTyping can help ensure the quality, authenticity and integrity of premium ELS cotton products from source shelf.

  • Growers can sell more premium cotton
  • Manufacturers can produce better quality items
  • Retailers can deliver a prestigious array of products
  • Brand owners can ensure quality, build trust and reinforce loyalty
  • Consumers can make informed decisions to purchase quality items
  • Quality, authenticity and integrity of products can be guaranteed


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signature T tagging and testing platform

tagging and testing platform