How SigNature® T DNA-marked Synthetic Resins Assure Provenance of Post-Consumer Recycled Textile Products

sigtcase-study-bThe Client

A US based manufacturing company that provides superior design of polymer additive and masterbatch colorant systems to produce high quality post-consumer textile products. Their products are heavily trusted and relied on by top designers and brands. Many of these products are marketed and sold in wide range of textile and apparel applications globally.

The Challenge

To apply and verify SigNature® T DNA as a means for confirming that post-consumer labeled textile and apparel products are in fact manufactured from recycled sources. In this study, nylon and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) masterbatches of synthetic resin were treated with a SigNature T DNA solution. A portion of the Nylon masterbatch resins were coated with SigNature T DNA and another set was marked with SigNature T DNA during the extrusion process.

The Program

A variety of fiber and plaque samples were SigNature T DNA marked, and collected from both, nylon and PET production runs. Multiple sets of samples were collected for authentication after the masterbatch was diluted and post extrusion. Blind samples were then sent to Applied DNA Sciences’ laboratories for DNA authentication.

The Findings

Results from SigNature T DNA testing indicated:

  • Successful SigNature T DNA was recovered from positive samples
  • No SigNature T DNA was recovered from negative samples
  • All blind samples were 100% correctly identified as positive or negative samples

The Solution

This study shows that SigNature T DNA can be applied to nylon and PET masterbatch resins, either at the masterbatch level or during extrusion, and authenticated at any stage of the manufacturing process. SigNature T DNA is today’s most effective means to ensure authenticity of post consumer recycled textile products and apparel.