CertainT for Fertilizer

Problem Statement

Adulterated fertilizer is recognized as a global problem. When fertilizer is blended and adulterated, farmers recognize lower yields, less profit, and become indebted to lenders. Depleted soils leave farmers without food, and contribute to deforestation.


Applied DNA has demonstrated the success of tagging fertilizer in a recent pilot study with an existing client. SigNature molecular tags were sprayed onto fertilizer at the point of manufacture, and successfully authenticated in Ghana, proving the capability for detecting blending and enabling traceability.

Healthy crops = reduced hunger

Properly fertilized crops produce a higher yield, empowering hungry communities to feed themselves and reduce reliance on charity support.

Authentic fertilizer = healthy crops

Adulterated fertilizer seized in Nigeria contained 80% sand. By eliminating adulterated fertilizer from supply chains, growing plants receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

Increase certainty for food industry

Buyers are traders will benefit from improved crop yields.

Reduce risks for banks

Banks have said they would offer better terms to farmers that could prove the authenticity of the fertilizer they use, thereby maximizing the success of their crop.

Strengthen border security

“It is not for farming. It is for bombs.” A 2015 NY Times article referenced the flow of fertilizer from legitimate factories in Turkey to neighboring Syrian towns controlled by ISIS extremists. Tagging fertilizer can reduce diversion from authorized channels into terrorist organizations.

Reduce terrorist activity

Tagging at the source enables law enforcement to track fertilizer that is diverted to use in improvised explosive devices, potentially linking terrorists to crimes.

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