New Harris Poll, commissioned by Applied DNA Sciences, finds a majority of American consumers are concerned about inauthentic products, and will take strong action, boycotting companies, writing negative reviews and reporting to regulatory bodies.

73% of action takers would stop purchasing from deceitful companies.

American consumers are concerned.

are concerned that products they purchase which they expect to be high quality could be made using low quality materials

are concerned that products they purchase have made false claims

are concerned that products they purchase at full price could be knock-offs


say that, if they found out a product they bought at full price was inauthentic, they would take action.

Among those action takers:

would stop buying from the company that sold it

would try to return the product

would formally defame the company that sold it by writing a negative review

would tell friends/family about their negative experience

would report the company to regulatory agencies

are concerned that products they purchase are from companies that use bad business practices

are concerned that products are made using forced labor

They don't like unethical business practices.

And the concern is justified.

The prevalence of inauthentic products is growing significantly. The 2018 Global Brand Counterfeiting Report stated that counterfeiting globally reached 1.2 trillion USD in 2017 and is expected to reach 1.82 trillion USD by 2020.

Source: Survey of 2,019 U.S. adults 18 and over, was conducted online during June 2018 by The Harris Poll on behalf of Applied DNA Sciences, the leader in supply chain certification. For further information on this survey, please contact