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CertainT Platform Complemented by Stable-Isotopic Indicators Offers Brand Owners Increased Supply Chain Transparency and Product and Process Authentication

Applied DNA has entered into a partnership with Molecular Isotope Technologies, LLC (“MIT LLC”), a pioneer and leader in the application of natural-abundance stable-isotopic analysis provided under the trademarks Nature’s Fingerprint® and IsoPedigree™. MIT LLC’s technology utilizes stable isotopic “fingerprints” as a method for verification of product origin and supply chain processing to support product claims.

For 20 years MIT LLC has provided patented services to the bio/pharmaceutical industry which have been successfully employed in various legal matters, supporting pharmaceutical patent-infringement and fraud lawsuits. These authentication services are tailored to specific product and supply chain processes and will be offered by Applied DNA as an additional component of its CertainT® platform to tag, test and track raw materials and finished goods. MIT LLC will support and promote the CertainT platform as a service complementary to its own.

Stable-isotopic “fingerprints” within materials provide innate chemical evidence of their chemical, geographic, and industrial provenance and major processing-dependent characteristics. They derive from the natural abundance of various stable isotopes including carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and others that vary in their isotopic ratios and are present in soil, water and other organic materials and become integrated with the chemical composition of a product from raw materials through synthetic intermediates to finished products. Discrete process steps may alter isotopic fingerprints, permitting the identification of deviations in locale or materiel. MIT LLC’s existing and pending patents variously encompass the use of natural-abundance stable-isotopic analysis for establishing both product and process fingerprints.

“Through the combined power of our cutting-edge technologies, Applied DNA offers brand owners “one-stop-shop” access to unique analytical tools to verify product and process authenticity for brand assurance and provenance with forensic certainty. This partnership with MIT LLC enhances Applied DNA’s CertainT feature-set by offering additional datapoints for deeper product and supply chain intelligence supported by world-class forensic laboratory services. The large-scale tagging and authentication of customer-specific DNA identity at most any supply chain node, combined with genotyping identification allies perfectly with stable-isotopic identification of origin and process. We expect our enhanced portfolio will serve to further our penetration of key markets such as textiles, adding another level of identity for organic cotton, among other natural materials.”

Judy Murrah, CIO of Applied DNA

“Our partnership with Applied DNA offers great specificity in forensic authentication to our joint customers, amplifying product and process claims throughout highly complex global supply chains. Nearly 40 years of work in this area of natural-abundance stable-isotope science and service across several industries has led to a deep knowledge and insight into the chemistry which has evolved into patented processes for protecting intellectual-property and product claims.”

Dr. John P. Jasper, chief scientific officer and founder of MIT LLC

About Molecular Isotope Technologies, LLC

Founded in 1999, Molecular Isotope Technologies (MIT LLC) owns and uses the trademarks Nature’s Fingerprint® and IsoPedigree™. Via highly precise natural-abundance stable-isotopic analysis, MIT LLC significantly contributes to the definition of intellectual-property provenance and to the mitigation of intellectual-property infringement of various organic (e.g., bio/pharmaceutical, agricultural, and other) products and the synthetic pathways by which they were produced. After having established the isotopic provenance and process pathways of various bio/pharmaceutical materials, MIT LLC has provided the isotopic evidence that has protected more than $2 billion of bio/pharmaceutical products.

About Dr. John Jasper

John Jasper

John P. Jasper is the Chief Scientific Officer of Molecular Isotope Technologies LLC (MIT LLC). He is responsible for the technical and commercial application of stable isotopes based on patented methods for assuring provenance and origin of products derived from natural materials.

His expertise is in the field of Stable Isotopes spans nearly 40 years, with over 38 peer reviewed publications in organic and isotope  geochemistry and in bio/pharmaceutical chemistry. Dr. Jasper is an Analytical Organic and Stable-Isotope Chemist who has worked in marine paleochemistry and in pharmaceutical sciences.  He earned his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Chemical Oceanography, and hisB.A. in Geophysical Sciences and Biological Sciences from The University of Chicago.

Most notably, Dr. Jasper has spent the last 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry applying the scientifically validated processes and standardized guidelines for the use of natural stable isotopes as tracers of Product and Process Authentication (i.e., Pharmaceutical Anticounterfeiting / Process Patent Protection and Process Analytical Chemistry, PAC).  The work in Process Patent Protection is already being used in the pharmaceutical industry to extend the patent life of pharmaceuticals valued at more than $2 billion.