“Imagine, an American company whose fundamental selling premise is the honesty of DNA tags. The honest world needs Applied DNA…and must help ensure its success.”

Dr. James Watson
Nobel Laureate, co-discoverer of DNA Structure

James Hayward and James Watson, January 2018

“Shaking THE James Watson's hand was truly exciting for me! Watson, Crick, and Franklin were true pioneers. They interpreted the evidence and then proved to the world that what they believed to be true, was indeed. That kind of gusto is amazingly rare and inspiring. How many people alive today can say they created whole new branches of science and industry? Awesome!”

Deirdre Killebrew, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Molecular Biology

“Meeting an influential scientist such as James Watson sparks the aspiring scientist in us all. When you hear names such as Einstein, Darwin, and Tesla you feel that all the important discoveries have already occurred. He reminds us that with persistence and hard-work, great discovery may be just around the corner.”

Daniel Petrie, Jr.
Project Manager, Government and Military Programs

“It was an honor to meet the pioneer in the field of DNA whose work allows us to do what we do every day!”

Ila Lansky, Ph.D.
Director of Forensics

We're grateful for the time Dr. Watson took to tour the facility. He even signed autographs for some very excited team members!

“To meet the scientific pioneer upon whose shoulders we stand was an honor.
To have the opportunity to tell him what we do was incredible.
To speak with him about our forward vision will drive us to great heights.”

Janice Meraglia
Vice President, Government and Military Programs

“For a chemist trained in nucleotide and nucleoside chemistry being in presence of such a scientific icon that laid a foundation of DNA research was nothing short of humbling, exceptional and unforgettable.”

Maciej Szczepanik, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Chemistry

James Watson DNA

“Despite being key to one of the most significant scientific discoveries in the past century, Dr. Watson didn't strike me as the stereotypical scientist. As he's mentioned in his book The Double Helix, discovery can be a messy business that doesn't follow a predetermined plan. In his visit to our company he asked us many questions that had nothing to do specifically with science, but more with the evolving needs of the world and how we were evolving and adapting our business to meet those needs. His philosophy regarding a constantly changing environment, adaptation, and natural selection seemed to transcend science and apply also to the evolution of business and human society as well. His scientific achievement is obviously impressive, but his broader wisdom and humor actually impressed me more.”

Tom Ackerman
Director of IT Business Solutions