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Applied DNA’s proven authentication portfolio
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molecular tagging

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Products and materials are assigned a secure identity via molecular tagging and other visually-identifiable or machine-readable features. Tagging can be implemented anywhere during the lifecycle or supply chain (source, manufacturing, branding).

Raw materials, components, finished goods and packaging can be tagged using techniques that verify provenance, integrity and authenticity.

Current Technology

Compatible with SigNature molecular tags


Custom molecular tags are produced to work seamlessly with your process and product. Our team will develop, validate and implement the ideal solution to fit your needs.

optical fluorescence

A unique, encrypted fluorescing signal acts as a covert screening tool that can be easily adapted to packaging and labels through inks, varnishes and coatings.

Each Beacon marker contains a unique molecular tag, creating a strong and flexible end-to-end security solution.

Authenticity and provenance can be determined by conducting in-field validation.

Authentication swabs can be sent to Applied DNA Sciences for full forensic analysis.

printing expertise

multi-mode reader

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The MMR analyzes the profile of illuminated optical elements. Simply place the MMR on a substrate to compare the marked area to a library of known spectral profiles. With the push of a button a “Match” or “No Match” response will appear.

The speed and accuracy of this reader permit easy implementation for supply chain and distribution partners, with little impact to current processes.

in-field DNA authentication

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SigNify IF provides definitive real-time authentication of SigNature molecular tags, delivering a true, front-line solution for supply chain integrity.

  • 16 samples tested per run; 2 machines simultaneously for 32 samples
  • Stand-alone or PC-connected
  • Tabletop, portable
  • Custom assays for SigNature molecular tags
  • Marking quality control – test for specific user mark
  • Unknown mark authentication – test for ADNAS mark; send to lab for traceability authentication
  • Authentication time ~30-40 minutes

validation process

Secure, rapid in-field inspection, backed with forensic-level DNA authentication,
is the key to protecting your brand and maintaining supply chain integrity

Beacon® mark is covert. Cannot be detected with UV light alone.

Beacon key swab is treated with decryptant key.

Covert Beacon mark is gathered and unlocked with swab.

Unlocked Beacon mark visible under UV light.

how it works

SigNature molecular tag + Beacon locked optical marker is custom formulated for each customer, batch or lot

SigNature molecular tag + Beacon can be added to ink, packaging or labeling

Package/label arrives at local distributor and is verified before being shipped to global distributor

Package/label arrives at global distributor and is verified before being shipped to retailer

Retailer verifies package prior to point of sale

Customer is assured of the authenticity, sustainability and integrity of their purchase

certaint certified

track and trace

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Collect data from tagged raw materials as they are incorporated into finished goods.

Global security solutions

Information regarding chain of custody, geo-location and date/time stamp, lot or serial number identity are useful for proactive and reactive audits.

man on computer

Consultants are available to determine the best security practices for your supply chain or application, including implementation, customization and ongoing quality assurance.

instant in-feld verifcation

Optical scanner provides instant in-field verification

forensic laboratory analysis

Certificate of DNA Analysis (CODA) is issued

Certifcate of DNA Analysis

Authentication swabs
undergo full forensic
laboratory analysis

Court-admissible Expert Witness Report

Court-admissible Expert Witness Report available upon request

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