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Inkjet codes with molecular traceability for brand security

The global supply chain that feeds life is now filled with complexity, uncertainty and risk

Verifying product/product component origin, authenticity and provenance is essential to ensuring quality, integrity and safety; essential in a marketplace where consumers and brands demand and deserve certainty.

Global data points

V4221M and V4259M traceable inks transform your Videojet codes into a comprehensive supply chain certification solution

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integrity | traceability | security

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With unique and secure SigNature® molecular tags at its core, V4221M ink enables definitive verification of product origin.

A turnkey, high-volume ink offering per-part traceability

Now Available

  • V4221M | one liter cartridge of SigNature molecular ink for 1860M printer
  • V7207M | one liter cartridge of make-up fluid for V4221M ink for 1860M printer
  • V4259M | intended as a complement to V4221M and applicable to the same wide range of substrates, this ink is clear and fluoresces blue under ultraviolet light. V4221M and V4259M can be used together on one item, for customers requiring an invisible security option to track and secure their products beyond traditional overt product marking.





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