Using advanced molecular-based DNA to forensically mark, validate and authenticate parts throughout government and military supply chains is mission critical today, and into the future.

Turnkey Solutions for Secure Government and Military Supply Chains

With minimal impact to form, fit or function, our SigNature® DNA can be applied onto or embedded into a virtually limitless range of commodities.

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SigNature DNA is compatible with a limitless range of materials 

Semi-automatic pneumatic marking

  • Stand-alone
  • >70 parts per minute

Robotic hands-free pneumatic marking

  • Host-controlled
  • High volume marking

Inkjet marking

  • Cartridge-based
  • Non-contact
  • 1000 — 1700 feet per minute

In-Production DNA Infusion

  • DNA infused throughout base materials (liquid silicone rubber)
  • o-rings, gaskets and similar sealant parts


Quick optical read to determine if a DNA mark could be present

Multi-Mode Reader

Multi-Mode Reader

Microsoft Surface™ tablet for stand-alone testing

  • Spectral emissions and image capture algorithms
  • Encrypted and password-protected mark library database
  • Database captures transactional emissions and images

Differentiates visually similar mark colors and images

  • Library created from “live” samples
  • Adjustable match tolerance level
  • Spectral and image capture
  • Library customizable to fluorescent, ink and substrate

Optical Identifiers

  • Two covert in-field optical marking options
    • UV fluorescence (red)
    • IR laser (green)
  • Can be used alone or in tandem


Forensic authentication in ADNAS Lab, on-site facility and in-field

  • All-inclusive license program, includes machine, consumables, training and customer support
  • Up to 96 Samples are run in StepOnePlus™ machine (real time PCR machine)
  • Easy to install and use
  • Real time testing and reporting
  • Processing Time – 5 hours
  • Allows for “quantification”
  • Tabletop, portable
  • 8 samples tested per run
  • Stand-alone or PC-connected
  • Custom assays

“It’s nearly impossible to counterfeit and is a fail-safe way of determining whether or not you have an authentic microcircuit…if it doesn’t have that mark, it’s not one of ours.”

Mark Harnitchek, Vice Admiral, USN (Ret)

“I often got asked, Admiral what keeps you awake at night? The answer was pretty simple. Aircraft fasteners. The nuts and bolts that held components onto airplanes. Such as wingbolts. Now there were no wings that fell off during my tenure fortunately. But there were numerous aircraft groundings as a result of faulty bolts, poorly manufactured bolts and in some cases counterfeit bolts.

Given that there are over 4 million repair parts in the 100 billion dollar inventory in the defense supply chain, and inspecting everything to the 100% level was not practical. So a technology solution was needed, and it’s there today.”

Ed Straw, Vice Admiral, USN (Ret)

“You can’t replicate it, the DNA mark can potentially protect the entire logistical chain.”

Leo Plonsky, R&D Program Manager, Defense Logistics Agency J34

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