SmartDNA® Anti-Theft Vehicle Marking

Recognizing that DNA-based evidence is the cornerstone of modern-era law enforcement, Applied DNA Sciences has developed the ultimate anti-theft crime-fighting tools.

SmartDNA® helps to expand and strengthen any vehicle security effort by providing a means of directly linking vehicles and vehicle parts to crimes. Cars and parts are tagged with an indelible, fluorescing DNA-marked substance.

As auto crime is investigated, the fluorescing DNA mark can assist police in linking the offender and stolen items to a specific crime scene, creating a greater ability to identify and convict.

SmartDNA helps facilitate conviction, and establishes a heightened level of deterrence.

How it Works

1. Items marked with SmartDNA

2. Marked item stolen by criminal

3. Swab sample taken

4. Sample evaluated at Applied DNA labs

5. Presence of SmartDNA tag forensically links criminal to the crime scene

6. Expert Witness Report is court-admissible evidence

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Uploaded ToTony Benson, Managing Director of EMEA

Tony Benson, Managing Director, EMEA