SigNature® DNA Supply Chain Security for Industrial Parts


Without any impact to form, fit or function, SigNature DNA can be applied onto or embedded into a virtually limitless range of commodities.

Our marks can be prominently displayed for deterrence or discreetly hidden for covert operations.

Working through DoD and non-DoD Federal Agencies, Applied DNA Sciences has demonstrated technical capabilities to support industrial supply chain integrity via absolute traceability of the following high-reliability product groups:

• Electrical and electronic components
• Gaskets and o-rings
• Bearings
• Pipes, tubing, hoses and fitting
• Vehicular equipment components

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Two Completed DoD Contracts

Missile Defense Agency: SBIR Phase II Contract

  • Demonstrate FSC5962 (microcircuit) protection scale-up:
  • High volume marking
  • Field Validation and Authentication
  • Business operations scale-up plan

Pre-Production SigNature DNA marked hermetic lids and support components to manufacturers of high reliability devices

Office of Secretary of Defense: Rapid Innovation Fund Contract Single Authentication Platform

  • Demonstrate capability to DNA mark and authenticate 6 parts within specific Federal Supply Groups and Classifications
  • digitalDNA track and trace platform key component
  • ADNAS has completed a successful development project with SAS industries: SigNature DNA was proven suitable for use in both liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding and in the manufacture of highly-conducive, metalized silicone components

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