Helsinki Fashion Week 2019

Helsinki Fashion Week took place in the beautiful capital of Finland from July 19 — 22. The event was attended by fashion designers, models, brands, and suppliers.

Applied DNA’s Tony Benson, Managing Director for Europe Middle East and Africa, was invited to attend the event and joined a panel which included Jacob Nilsson Dworsky, co-founder of Swedish clothing seller ASKET and Hrishikesh Raja, founder of TrusTrace, a blockchain provider.

‘There is no beauty without truth and there is no truth without transparency’
Carry Somers, Founder of Fashion Revolution

It’s a fact that the story behind every piece of clothing is often untold. However, as the notion of transparency is gradually gaining traction in the textile industry, we want to know more about the journey our garments take, from raw materials to end-of-life.

During the discussion the state of transparency in the fashion supply chain and ongoing developments that can foster trust and honesty in the fashion industry were investigated and explored

Mr. Benson was asked to explain the traceability solutions provided by Applied DNA and his views on transparency within the fashion supply chain, among many other related topics.

The event took place in the Palace of Nobility. For the event, the building façade was covered by an ‘urban curtain’  — a surface that captures C02 and air pollutants from the atmosphere to be stored by algae and grown into biomass. The process results in freshly photosynthesized oxygen being released into the urban microclimate.

“I was delighted to be included on the panel to discuss transparency of the supply chain. It provided an ideal opportunity to showcase the clear benefits of our CertainT platform, which provides true traceability of the highest standard available. There are some great examples of best practice where suppliers and brands are responding to customers who demand to understand the journey from raw material to end product and beyond, and momentum is growing without doubt. Due to financial pressures, many companies appear to be simply ‘box ticking’ rather than looking to implement truly robust traceability systems. However, this will change as stakeholders realise the benefits of providing a traceability solution which enables brands to be fully transparent, and in turn builds consumer trust,” said Mr. Benson.

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