Brand/IP Protection for Dietary Supplements

Nutrition21 has teamed with Applied DNA to bring CertainT® to the dietary supplement industry in order to augment supply chain transparency.

The production of high-quality dietary supplement ingredients involves time, science, and ultimately expense. Therefore, these ingredients are patented and trademarked in order to protect IP. Manufacturers want to ensure that their product is not being used in conjunction with illegal or gray market ingredients.

PricePlow gives a spot-on explanation of CertainT’s ability to track patented ingredients, prove authenticity and protect against dilution in nutraceuticals.

CertainT® provides true provenance traceability including the ability to track products throughout the supply chain, ensuring marketplace integrity.

The CertainT “Tag-Test-Track” platform enables companies and their supply chains to designate a unique molecular identity tag that has meaning specific to the tagged material: for example, geographic facility location, brand, product line or date of manufacture. This tag can be blended into ingredients, packaging inks and varnishes in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, functional food, and dietary supplements industries. The tag enables its carrier to be verified for authenticity, proper potency of the mixture, adulterated ingredient blending, either at the customer or in the Applied DNA laboratory, depending on application requirements.

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A SigNature® molecular tag is applied to ingredients to show that licensees are using the correct ingredient, and in the proper amount

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Definitive indicator of authenticity, origin and provenance.

In-Field/In-Lab Options

Tagged products are tested to ensure the correct product is being used. Quantitative analysis can detect blending or substitution.

Proactive and reactive testing can be achieved with in-field equipment. Our SigNify® IF device is a mobile solution.

Forensic verification of origin at any point in the distribution chain.

Secure Data Storage

All CertainT activity data is captured and stored in a secure database. Data is reviewed and analyzed; program refinement and optimization is executed.

Enables identification at every point in the supply chain.

SigNature molecular tag can be applied to all types of dietary supplements and nutraceutical products, including packaging and labels, for an extra level of security that will help combat counterfeiters and diversion of products.

Protecting your brand requires the ability to determine the origin of ingredients at any point in the distribution chain. The only true way to achieve this is by directly tagging ingredients at the source.

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Scaleable and Secure

The SigNature molecular tag is 3rd-party affirmed as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). Tags are unique and secure; they can be manufactured in small or large quantities. CertainT programs are used in the textiles industry to secure global cotton supply chains. The US Department of Defense relies on the molecular tags for counterfeit risk mitigation of critical components.


The flexible CertainT platform is designed to complement your existing enterprise processes and systems. We take great care to ensure minimal change for your current manufacturing, supply chain and data management models. Our goal is to enhance the value of your investment, and to deliver a solution that will grow with and empower your operation.

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The rapidly-growing dietary supplement and nutraceutical industries offers much opportunity, and all the more reason for brand and IP Protection.

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