Is my cotton really Pima?

Is it GMO free?

Is it grown in an ethical environment?

Is my brand integrity at its highest level?

Assurance for Cotton Apparel

Applied DNA developed a system to address the complexities and uncertainties in cotton supply chains. Our patented technology allows users to:

  • Identify cotton fiber content via genetic and natural isotopic fingerprint to provide proof of source.
  • Determine if the original fiber is used in yarn, fabric and finished goods in your supply chain.
  • Verify your brand’s product and/or packaging.

DNA testing to distinguish Gossipyum hirsutum (upland) and Gossipyum barbadense (pima).

GMO testing available for raw fiber and/or greige yarn or fabric.

Verify geographic origin and process locations of cotton.

Isotopic ratios in finished products constitute a unique isotopic fingerprint that serves as a powerful supply chain authentication tool.

Brand assurance with customized solutions for product authenticity.

Build supply chain intelligence based on tagged, tested and tracked products.

Unique molecular tag that can also be used with with thread,  printed inks, labels and packaging.


Testing conducted throughout the supply chain.
All reporting and Certificates of Authenticity available on CertainT portal.

Cotton Traceability Leader

Genotyping using intrinsic cotton DNA is a well-established and reliable platform for identifying cotton species.

Analysis of natural, intrinsic stable isotopes is utilized to verify cotton origin and process authenticity.

Home textiles containing molecular tags are available at retail stores today.

All samples are processed at accredited forensic laboratories.

Getting Started

Profile your raw cotton supply including volume, cotton type and source

Review your manufacturing process map including geographic location of each stage

Consider your brand goals including claims, market expectations and sales projections

Distinguish your brand with the integrity, quality and consistency that only CertainT can deliver

Cotton industry standard bearer since 2007

200M+ lbs of cotton tagged

CertainT tested products in 2000+ retail stores

7000+ products tested

Tracking from farm to finished goods since 2014