TRACK with CertainT

Global security solutions

Tracking is the third technology pillar of the CertainT platform. Once tagged, items can be tested for the presence of the SigNature molecular tag as it travels throughout a global supply chain. All the data points associated to tagging and testing are tracked by uploading to a secure cloud database.

Data and reports are posted and available through the CertainT Portal

certaint testing1

Track data associated to tagging raw materials or finished products (manual or systems-based)

Track authentication testing data throughout each node of the supply chain using our portfolio of SigNify devices (in-field or lab-based)

Browser-based desktop or mobile access to data and reports

Track Application Modules

  • Collect data on raw materials, components and finished products as they progress through the supply chain
  • Browser-based application allows for information to be accessed on a desktop or mobile device
  • Consultants are available to determine the key indicators and security practices for your supply chain or application, including implementation, customization and ongoing assurance

Cloud based, integrated system

Manage ’tag, test and track' data and
associated documents throughout the lifecycle

Detailed supply chain information provides insights for decision making