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The convergence of digital and biotechnologies for supply chain visibility

digitalDNA® is a cloud-based platform used to track DNA-marked products as they travel throughout the supply chain for optimal supply chain security. The digitalDNA system allows for product identity to be established, validated and authenticated at key points in the supply chain. 

Designed as a modular platform, some or all of its capabilities may be implemented depending on the needs of the customer.

Supply Chain Visibility:
Any business in the supply chain can access critical information

• Chain of custody paths with geo-location, time/date stamp and business entity
• Trace or other quality and reference documents such as shipping manifests
• DNA mark spectral validation
• DNA authentication data
• QC sample submission, status tracking and results
• Supply chain security training documents, protocols and consumables ordering
• Mobile access to verification data

Capturing this data provides insight and business intelligence for procurement decisions, testing protocols and inventory management.