TEST with CertainT

The SigNify brand name represents the testing pillar within the CertainT® platform. Authentication is key to all of our solutions by proving that a SigNature molecular tag  is present on or in an item. Our patented and proprietary authentication methodologies allow for SigNature molecular tags to be reliably detected and verified. Test results provide customers with a Certificate of DNA analysis (CODA), which can be used as evidence in courts around the world.

Our world-class forensic testing facilities are located in New York and India.

Applied DNA’s corporate headquarters are located in Stony Brook, NY, boasting over 30,000 square feet of laboratory, production and administration space.

We received our ISO 9001:2015 registration by NSF in September 2018 for our Quality Management System.

Applied DNA’ Forensic Department was accredited ISO 17025:2005 by ANAB in August 2015.

Applied DNA’s Central India Testing Laboratory provides full forensic authentication services. Based in Ahmedabad, India, the laboratory supports our growing global textile business in the Asia-Pacific region with expansion capability for other supply chains present in the region, such as fertilizer and pharmaceuticals.

“This is an important opportunity for Applied DNA to bring our proven technologies to the heart of India’s textile industry, and share our impeccable standards and operational protocols. The laboratory will have the ability to process thousands of samples, serving our textiles customers in the region,” said Dr. Ila Lansky, Director of Forensics at Applied DNA.

Officially open as of February 15, 2018, the Central Laboratory is strategically located in the state of Gujarat, an economic hub for the development and advancement of cotton, other textiles, fertilizers, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

SigNify authentication services consist of 2 options:

• Full forensic authentication at our laboratory
• Field-level mobile units for point-of-activity authentication

SigNify IF is our In-Field authentication solution.

The SigNify® IF portable reader provides definitive real-time authentication of SigNature® molecular tags. Provides customers or third-party testing firms the ability to conduct their own test at point of activity throughout key nodes of the supply chain. Provides a true front-line solution for supply chain integrity.


  • Multiple samples tested per run
  • Stand-alone or PC-connected
  • Tabletop, portable
  • Custom assays
signify os

On-site quality control
SigNifyOS is our On-Site device customer’s QC/QA certified lab. Providing their lab technicians to conduct test within a manufacturing facility to ensure incoming tagged materials are authentic. Then be able to test the product as its being made throughout the manufacturing process.  Final outgoing product sampling can be conducted to ensure the tag is present and customer satisfaction will be met.

  • All-inclusive license program, includes machine, consumables, training and customer support
  • Up to 96 samples can be run in StepOnePlus™ machine (real-time PCR machine)
  • Easy to install and use
  • Real-time testing and reporting
  • Processing time ~5 hours
  • Allows for “quantification”

fiberTyping® is a specific test associated with testing two strains of cotton, ELS and Upland

What is fiberTyping?

fiberTyping is a patented DNA test that can be used to determine if a product contains the presence of Gossypium barbadenseDNA (Extra Long Staple “ELS”), Gossypium hirsutum DNA (Upland), or a blend of both.

fiberTyping is a powerful tool to help the cotton industry ensure that products labeled as 100% ELS, or 100% Pima, are compliant with label claims.

A scientist looking at a DNA sequence

fiberTyping is only available for SigNature T customers

What is fiberTyping with Quantification?

fiberTyping with quantification provides information about the percentage of Extra Long Staple (ELS) DNA and Upland DNA present in a “blended” sample. This service is available only when a result is determined to be a blend. Quantification is only available for greige fabrics.

For more information about this service, please contact us at textilesales@adnas.com.

Beacon, when applied along with a SigNature molecular tag, allows for optical testing in the field to indicate the presence of the unique molecular tag.  

Secure, real-time
validation capabilities

beacon swab

A unique, encrypted fluorescing signal acts as a covert screening tool that can be easily adapted to packaging and labels through inks, varnishes and coatings.

Strong, flexible

beacon swab

Each Beacon contains a unique molecular tag, creating a strong and flexible end-to-end security solution.



beacon swab

Authenticity and provenance can be determined by conducting in-field validation

Full forensic

forensic analysis of synthetics

Authenticity and provenance can be determined by conducting in-field validation


Beacon is covert. Cannot be detected with UV light alone.

beacon key swab

Beacon key swab is treated with decryptant key.


Covert Beacon mark is gathered and unlocked with swab.

beacon swab

Unlocked Beacon mark visible under UV light.

SigNature molecular tag + Beacon locked optical marker is custom formulated for each customer, batch or lot.


SigNature molecular tag + Beacon can be added to ink, packaging or labeling


Package/label arrives at local distributor and is verified before being shipped to global distributor

Package/label arrives at global distributor and is verified before being shipped to retailer


Retailer verifies package prior to point of sale


Customer is assured of the authenticity, sustainability and integrity of their purchase


Secure, rapid in-field inspection, backed with forensic-level authentication, is key to protecting your brand and maintaining supply chain integrity