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signature molecular tags beaker

The tagging pillar of the CertainT platform is based on SigNature molecular tags. These unique identifiers have been proven highly resistant to UV radiation, heat, cold, vibration, abrasion and other extreme environmental conditions, and a single SigNature tag will support several authentications in its lifetime. Unsurpassed durability, accuracy and assurance make SigNature tags an ideal foundation or enhancement to any brand and IP protection strategy. Manufacturers, brands, and other stakeholders can ensure their raw materials and products are protected, product claims are authentic and customer expectations are met.

Verify source, authenticity and provenance

SigNature T
Designed specifically for textile applications

SigNature® T tags keep textiles real and safe with the CertainT platform. SigNature T allows for superior quality control and assurance at any point in your supply chain, for ultimate textile brand protection.

Fiber, yarn, fabric and garment labels can be tagged with SigNature T. Patented and proprietary, SigNature T is stable and adheres tenaciously to virtually any textile substrate, including natural and synthetic fibers. These molecular tags cannot be copied and survive standard textile treatment processes.

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