The Client

Loomis UK, a world leading cash-handling company that moves over £150 billion in cash annually, uses Applied DNA Sciences’ (APDN) SigNature® DNA to protect its cash boxes. Loomis offers products and services that provide complete cash logistics solutions for financial institutions, retailers and other commercial enterprises. Loomis operates with approximately 23,000 employees in 400 branch offices across 20 countries.

The Challenge

In 2006, the downturn in the global economy led to a notable increase in cash-in-transit (CIT) crime. In the U.K. alone, there is an estimated £500 billion being transported each year, or £1.4 billion per day. Money stolen in CIT attacks was a major source of funding for serious organized crime. In 2008, there were 1,000 documented attacks against cash-in-transit couriers in the UK.
Previously, when banks identified dye-degraded currency, it was simply removed from circulation, but without attribution to its original owner. Prosecution was difficult without a definitive way to link the criminal to the crime.

SigNature DNA Markers

SigNature DNA tags allow attribution of the cash, since each transport box has an individualized SigNature DNA sequence which can be readily determined at APDN’s Authentication Labs.

SigNature molecular tags resists wash off, even in aggressive industrial treatment baths. Results are not obscured by false positives. DNA can be used in a court of law as forensic evidence. SigNature DNA technology provides impactful value with real, proven results.

Patented and proprietary, SigNature DNA:

  • Will not alter the quality of the product
  • Will not require major changes to the manufacturing process or logistic chain
  • Is stable and persistent
  • Is instantly detectable with a hand-held device
  • Can be forensically authenticated in the lab
  • Covert mark cannot be removed once applied
  • Allows for 100% authentication of recovered bank notes

The Solution

Embedding SigNature DNA markers into the liquid degradation ink provides the CIT industry with a unique and cost-effective method to trace the origin of cash that is stolen.

SigNature DNA markers are being incorporated into the degradation inks used in Loomis cash boxes. In the event of a crime, DNA is automatically sprayed onto the enclosed currency along with an intense dye, resulting in both the money and offenders being contaminated. The addition of SigNature DNA markers to existing deterrents increases the likelihood of the criminal getting caught and successfully prosecuted. SigNature DNA forensically links an offender with an individual crime scene, meaning offenders cannot deny their involvement.

Applied DNA Sciences has supplied thousands of unique SigNature DNA markers developed for cash-in-transit, and has conducted testing to ensure that the DNA mark persists, even with the most strenuous attempts to wash out the ink. SigNature DNA is still detectable after notes are washed with heavy solvents, and can be forensically authenticated.

The Result

SigNature DNA markers have been successfully authenticated from recovered bank notes and the information is being used to assist in the prosecution of the alleged perpetrators. Bank notes recovered by the UK Police and submitted to APDN for forensic authentication appear to have been washed multiple times by the criminals using harsh chemicals, in an attempt to remove the dye that stained the cash during the robbery. SigNature DNA resisted removal and was still readily detectable using APDN’s proprietary methods. The same DNA markers detected on recovered bank notes have also been detected on personal items belonging to the suspects in the investigation.

The use of SigNature DNA had a direct impact on convicting criminals involved in the theft or handling of stolen cash, helping to significantly reduce the number of CViT robberies, cash loss while improving the safety of individuals working in the cash handling industry.

DNA provides a forensic trail of evidence linking the criminal to the crime, and DNA authentication supports the efforts of various law enforcement groups.

SigNature DNA markers are helping CViT companies and UK police to identify stolen cash and to link the evidence directly to the perpetrators.