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CertainT® provides true provenance traceability including the ability to track products from cultivation, extraction and derivative processing, ensuring marketplace integrity.

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A SigNature molecular tag is applied. Application to cannabis plants, oils, lotions, tablets, edibles and packaging is possible.

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Definitive indicator of authenticity, origin and provenance.

In-Field/In-Lab Options

Proactive and reactive testing can be achieved with in-field equipment. Our SigNify IF device is a mobile solution.

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Forensic verification of origin at any point in the distribution chain.

Secure Data Storage

All CertainT activity data is captured and stored in a secure database. Data is reviewed and analyzed; program refinement and optimization is executed.

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Enables chain-of-custody at every point in the supply chain.

A SigNature molecular tag can be applied to all types of cannabis products, including oils, tablets, edibles, packaging and labels for an extra level of security that will help combat counterfeiters and diversion of products.

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The new POD tagging system is a scalable, portable and expandable solution to accommodate the different sizes and types of growers in the industry.

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Applying a tag-infused fog to hemp and marijuana plants allows for tracking from the cultivator’s facility or farm to either a dispensary or processing facility.

Complying with the oversight of regulatory provisions requires the ability to determine the origin of cannabis at any point in the distribution chain. The only true way to achieve this is by directly tagging cannabis at its source.

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Safe and Secure

The SigNature molecular tag is safe and inert – considered Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). As far as security, the tag cannot be copied or compromised. CertainT programs are currently used in the textiles industry to secure supply chains. The US Department of Defense relies on the molecular tags to ensure the integrity of critical components.


The flexible CertainT platform is designed to complement your existing enterprise. We take great care to ensure seamless integration into your current tracking systems. Our goal is to enhance your effort with minimal disruption, and to deliver a solution that will grow with and empower your operation.

Cannabis Certainty

The rapidly-growing cannabis industry offers much opportunity, but not without many considerations for regulatory provisions. The CertainT platform enables the definitive identification of cannabis origin at any point in the supply chain, ensuring integrity, control and compliance.

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