Trust and the Consumer

As modern consumers, we’re constantly inundated by brands’ promises to go above and beyond for us. But when a brand actually delivers on their promise, we’re shocked! Brands need to focus on ensuring an authentic buying experience in order to gain and keep customers for life. In the world of marketing, talk is cheap. Trust, by contrast, is invaluable.

The Scarcity and Subtlety of Trust

A very small percent of people feel high levels of confidence in large businesses. Against this backdrop of consumer skepticism, brands that build real trust have an even greater opportunity to distinguish themselves.

Indeed, trusted brands can cement their presence in the marketplace with authentic action. But their emphasis must be on doing, rather than telling. They can achieve this by applying care and compassion in their products and verifying for their own and their consumers’ peace of mind, the source of each and every ingredient that goes into making the product. Once consumers feel safe buying a product, then trust will thrive, not doubt.

Trust happens when brands focus on action taken to be honest, to be pure, to be sustainable, rather than just on making empty claims. Whether we’re dealing with a brand or our best friend, building trust is about substance, not semantics.