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locked optical markers + molecular tag validation solution

Secure, real-time validation capabilities

Strong, flexible solution

In-field validation

Full forensic analysis

beacon swab

A unique, encrypted fluorescing signal acts as a covert screening tool that can be easily adapted to packaging and labels through inks, varnishes and coatings.

beacon swab

Each Beacon marker contains a unique molecular tag, creating a strong and flexible end-to-end security solution.

beacon swab

Authenticity and provenance can be determined by conducting in-field validation.

forensic analysis of synthetics

Authentication swabs can be sent to Applied DNA Sciences for full forensic analysis.

Beacon mark is covert. Cannot be detected with UV light alone.

Beacon key swab is treated with decryptant key.

Covert Beacon mark is gathered and unlocked with swab.

beacon swab

Unlocked Beacon mark visible under UV light.

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SigNature molecular tag + Beacon locked optical marker is custom formulated for each customer, batch or lot.

SigNature molecular tag + Beacon can be added to ink, packaging or labeling

Package/label arrives at local distributor and is verified before being shipped to global distributor

Package/label arrives at global distributor and is verified before being shipped to retailer

Retailer verifies package prior to point of sale

Customer is assured of the authenticity, sustainability and integrity of their purchase

Secure, rapid in-field inspection, backed with forensic-level DNA authentication, is key to protecting your brand and maintaining supply chain integrity