Responsible Supply Chains Begin at the Source

Backed by the power of forensic science, botanically-derived SigNature® T DNA tags can be applied at the gin, allowing for cotton to be tracked and authenticated throughout the entire supply chain, from the raw fiber stage all the way to the retail shelf. SigNature T tagging provides assurance of quality and provenance, and helps brands guarantee label claims with certainty.

For Pima fiber (genetically known as G. barbadense), we also conduct “fiberTyping” of the fibers to confirm they are truly Pima based on our patented DNA test.

Responsible sourcing eliminates issues facing the textile industry, such as conflict cotton and fiber substitution. Certainty is only a molecule away™.


What is SigNature® T?

SigNature T is a custom, botanically-based DNA molecule that bonds tenaciously to fibers at the source. Our fully-automated DNA Mixing and Distribution system ensures that fibers are tagged thoroughly. After tagging and compacting, bales are barcoded so that when a sample of fiber is submitted for authentication , it can be traced back to a particular bale number, providing absolute proof of provenance.

SigNature T DNA tags are engineered to be compatible and stable in a wide range of textile substrates and manufacturing processes. This secure and cost-effective solution can help assure quality and provide forensic-level authentication in fiber, yarn, fabric and finished products.

SigNature T DNA provides the forensic power behind PimaCott™, the world’s first supply-chain-verified Pima cotton, as well as Homegrown™ source-verified upland cotton. Both of these brands are revolutionizing cotton purity. Over 100 million pounds of cotton has been marked. Home textile products made with PimaCott are now available in U.S. retail stores.

Tagging and DNA Authentication helps customers

  •  Build trust and credibility
  •  Protect reputation and intellectual property
  •  Assist in quality control and assurance
  •  Assist in compliance with applicable laws
  •  Promote legal enforceability of transactions
  •  Minimize losses by reducing illegal activity
  •  Monitor and verify supply chain

fiberTyping®: The leader in DNA Testing

fiberTyping is a patented DNA test that can be used to determine if a product contains the presence of Gossypium barbadense DNA (Extra Long Staple), Gossypium hirsutum DNA (Upland), or a blend of both.

fiberTyping is a powerful tool to help the cotton industry ensure that products labeled as 100% ELS, or 100% Pima, are compliant with label claims.

fiberTyping with Quantification

fiberTyping with quantification provides information about the percentage of Extra Long Staple (ELS) DNA and Upland DNA present in a “blended” sample. This service is available only when a result is determined to be a blend. For more information about this service, please contact us at

Applied DNA Sciences Textile Portal

A fast and easy way to submit samples for fiberTyping cotton authentication

The ADNAS Textile Portal is available to licensed users of SigNature T systems, which includes fiberTyping and other DNA-based track-and-trace systems. To learn more, please contact us at

The Portal provides one-stop location for you to easily submit samples, complete purchase orders, review reports and  pay for products online.


MeiLin Wan
Vice President, Textile Sales


Thomas Gladtke
Director, Textile & Apparel Sales