Beacon™ locked optical markers deliver secure real-time authenticity inspection capabilities. A unique encrypted mechanism (patent-pending) creates a protected, covert screening tool that can be easily adapted to packaging, security labels and high-value assets through inks, varnishes and coatings. When Beacon locked optical markers are combined with SigNature® DNA markers, a strong and flexible end-to-end security solution is created where authenticity and provenance can be determined with confidence.

Developing a secure method for real-time, in-field screening of DNA-marked items has long been a priority for Applied DNA Sciences. Standard fluorophores, up-converting phosphors, holograms and other more-traditional screening tools provide little to no defense against counterfeiting. Secure in-field inspection, backed with forensic-level DNA authentication is the key to maintaining a well-defended supply chain or asset management program.


The Process




Beacon™ Locked Marker

General Note: All Beacon marker specifications listed below are dependent on the properties of the host carrier. ADNAS can recommend a carrier or adapt the Beacon marker to a customer’s carrier.

Activation: “Lock and key” chemical interaction requiring a matching locked mark and activation key swab.

Host Carrier Compatibility: Ink, Varnish, Lacquer. Do not use in conjunction with optical brighteners.

Optical Characteristic: Covert, no color or luminescence under an ambient or UV light. Upon unlocking, a red luminescence will appear under a Labino UVG 365nm light.

Temperature Range: 0°C to 1000°C

Shelf Life (Prior to use) – will be determined at certification of host carrier. Based on current certified application range from 6 months – 100 years.

Application Life: The combination between the properties of the host carrier and environmental conditions will dictate the life span of the Beacon mark.

Stability: Lightfast, UV and thermal exposure resistant and resistant to a variety of common chemical treatments.

Beacon™ Decryptant Key

Optical Characteristic: Covert with no color or luminescence under an ambient or UV light source. Red luminescence under UV light source shows up only when in contact with Beacon mark.

Storage Temperature: 4°C to 25°C

Shelf Life: 3 to 6 months. Dependent on environment and storage temperature.