Each company has some inherent strength that paves the path for growth. In that respect, GHCL’s strengths revolve around its penchant for innovation and consistent product development with the aim of creating a clear differentiation from competition, strong passion for sustainability and the circular economy, thought leadership in creating intellectual property, and its ability to partner with multiple agencies to realise its four-pillar strategy. As Manu Kapur, President and CEO – Home Textiles, GHCL, says: “At GHCL, all that we do consistently revolves around our four-pillar strategy of sustainability, traceability, innovation and giving back to society.”

“This truly is our competitive edge and is something that customers look at us for. We are extremely passionate about sustainability and the circular economy and strive to work with fibres that have a low environmental impact, employing processes and solutions that are sustainable and focus on reduction, reuse and recycling,” he adds. Over the years, GHCL has been continuing to work on strengthening its marketing, product development and operating teams in the home textile segment. And the strategic focus of the company continues to revolve around its well-defined four pillars.