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Applied DNA and Techmer PM have been working together since 2015 to develop a molecular tagging solution for recycled PET.

Techmer has embraced the CertainT® platform as a means to prove sustainable sources and ensure product integrity and supply chain transparency.

“Masterbatches” are concentrated additives used to impart qualities or colors to compounded plastics. With the implementation of the CertainT trademark on its SigNature T molecularly tagged PET or recycled PET masterbatch, Techmer is now able to illustrate to its customers, potential customers and downstream supply chain partners the ability to forensically interrogate its high quality source material in all phases of the manufacturing process – from source masterbatch pellet to the end product, allowing Techmer to differentiate itself in a dynamic market.

“Innovation through collaboration enables our company to partner with state of the art companies such as Applied DNA. A successful 21st century company must be adept at applying new technology through the supply train.  Leveraging new ideas and applying design concepts are vital to future growth. Customers want to know where their products were designed and manufactured, and we want to be at the forefront in reliably providing that information.”

John Manuck, CEO, Chairman and founder of Techmer

“Our new CertainT collaboration with Techmer through increased use of our tag in their masterbatch programs will immediately help their customers. By expanding our existing relationship to include trademark licensing, Techmer highlights the growing awareness and adoption of our CertainT platform with a public-facing trademark that stands for authenticity, transparency and performance.”

Dr. James Hayward, President and CEO of Applied DNA

About Techmer PM

Techmer PM, LLC, headquartered in Clinton, Tennessee, is a major producer of value-added masterbatch and engineered compounds for the plastics and fiber industries. The company manufactures and sells masterbatch under its Techmer PM brand and engineered thermoplastic compounds through its Techmer ES subsidiary. The company has worldwide manufacturing capabilities focusing on high-performance applications where quality, technical support, and problem solving are critical. Techmer PM was recently recognized by Plastics News on its“Best Places to Work 2014” list. Learn more about the company by visiting