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Applied DNA and Sun Chemical Supply have formed a strategic alliance to broaden Applied DNA’s presence in Asia, enabling the adoption of the CertainT platform across textiles, footwear, accessories and component value chains.

The multi-dimensional, non-exclusive strategic alliance outlined in the MOU will also enable Sun Chemical Supply to provide value-added services, such as marketing, product stocking and customization, in-field testing, deployment and training. The ability to provide these services locally is imperative to Applied DNA’s commercial and prospective customer base currently manufacturing CertainT authenticated home textiles in China. At the same time, Sun Chemical Supply’s Asia customer base represents additional textiles verticals whose profiles make them strong candidates for adopting the CertainT authentication platform to differentiate and protect brands and supply chains with manufacturing locations in Asia.

Sun Chemical Supply offers 9 locations and 59 staff in Asia with highly-trained professionals in chemical analysis, innovative solutions, end-to-end manufacturing processes and equipment. Its product portfolio is complementary to Applied DNA’s, drawing synergy in customer solution sets for selling, marketing, and installing. For example, Sun Chemical Supply distributes finishing treatments, chemicals and oils used in textile manufacture that may act as efficient carriers for Applied DNA’s SigNature® T molecular tags. Sun Chemical Supply distributes textiles manufacturing equipment which could be adapted for use in delivering SigNature T tags.

“Asian countries play a key role in global textile supply chains, and we are excited to deploy Applied DNA’s CertainT platform to protect our industries and consumers with reliable authentication and traceability solutions.”

David Lai, Chairman and CEO of the Sun Chemical Supply Company

“We are pleased to take these first steps toward a formal relationship with Sun Chemical Supply to facilitate our reach to Asian manufacturers that are central to many textile supply chains. Sun Chemical Supply is a leader in its field and we believe our collaboration will drive additional adoption of our physical traceability solutions in the global textiles markets.”

Dr. James Hayward, President and CEO of Applied DNA

“Partnering with Sun Chemical Supply enables us to drive adoption of our CertainT platform throughout the global textile supply chain, beginning at its origin in Asia. We believe that a CertainT-certified supply chain elevates customers’ brands and products by establishing the transparency and truth that consumers desire. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Sun Chemical Supply.”

Wayne Buchen, Vice President of Strategic Sales for Textiles at Applied DNA Sciences

Sun Chemical Supply

The Sun Chemical Group was established in 1957, when the textile industry, initiated in Taiwan, was small scale, poorly equipped and lacking technical experience. Sun Chemical focused on strengthening the textile industry and obtained information and technology for clients from Japan. In the 70s, the chemical fiber industry developed in Taiwan and Sun Chemical introduced advanced equipment and spin finishes from Japan, as well as after-sales service. The company gained a strong reputation domestically as well as from businesses in foreign countries. Goulston Technologies, Inc. chose to partner with Sun Chemical and the company formed an affiliate, Sincere Chemical, as a sales agent for Chang Chun Group of PVA, now in its 35th year, and for Dairen Chemical Corporation for EVA. With strong support from customers, Sun Chemical expanded its fields from textile, paper, glue stick connection and plastics to the electronics industry. The company established a branch office in Shenzhen in 2004, in Hangzhou in 2010, and in Vietnam in 2018 and also has offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and Wuhan. Today, Sun Chemical remains determined to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost and maintain a competitive advantage, while providing excellent service to suppliers and clients.