Applied DNA Sciences and SmokeCloak have entered into a 2-way exclusive agreement to market a technology called DNA Fog. The agreement calls for mutual exclusivity: SmokeCloak, A/S (MSS Professional, or “MSS”) will buy DNA only from APDN, while APDN will supply no other fog manufacturer than MSS. As part of the DNA Fog relationship, MSS has extended their distribution network for use by APDN, accessing security sales throughout the world and enhancing APDN’s internal sales force.

The anti-intruder device deploys in a crime attempt, filling a room with a fog—sometimes called a safety smoke–that immobilizes and now marks a criminal with a long-lasting DNA-based identifier that may be authenticated by police with absolute accuracy.

DNA Fog, used in the SmokeCloak product FL600-V, will combine with APDN’s existing anti-intruder device, the Sentry 500 spray unit, now in use in Sweden and the U.S..  MSS and APDN will market both products The Sentry 500, which produces a targeted spray directed at the suspect, may be combined with the room-filling SmokeCloak smoke generators to provide daunting protection against crimes.

The DNA Fog product will be included in the SmokeCloak VALI product range and is an exclusive formulation that yields a potent combination of density and hang time.

SmokeCloak states that the the SmokeCloak FL600-V fluid “is very economical in use and requires just 0.45cc. to produce a cubic metre of SmokeCloak vapor. The typical hang time in a static air environment is around 45 minutes and the FL 600-V fluid creates a uniform sub micron particle size. The fluid is harmless and a full safety data sheet is available on request.”

“The paired product offering of APDN’s Sentry spray and MSS’s fog unit, both empowered by our forensic DNA, makes for a potent crime deterrent. The MSS distributor channel will amplify our own sales efforts.”

Tony Benson, Managing Director, EMEA

“APDN has a global reputation for its forensic DNA, and it is accepted by those in law enforcement. We are gratified to add this strong competitive edge to our product offering.”

Nick Bigler, Managing Director of MSS

About SmokeCloak

SmokeCloak is a forty-year old company with an established dealer network on five continents, and installations in fifty countries. Security fog has become an established and successful product in Europe and South Africa, and now is set to make its mark in North America.  It is currently used by Barclay’s Bank to protect branches, by the UK electronics firm BrightPoint at some of the world’s largest mobile phone warehouses, at many jewelry stores through Europe, and in numerous other installations.  Many of these sites have seen criminal attacks repelled by the use the security fog.  A cooperative group including the Danish Navy, the giant shipping company Møller Mærsk and the Danish Shipowner’s Association also deploys SmokeCloak against pirates in the Gulf of Aden.