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Authentication is key to all of our solutions by proving that a SigNature DNA mark is present on or in an item. Our patented and proprietary authentication methodologies allow for SigNature DNA authentication marks to be detected and verified. Test results provide customers with a Certificate of DNA analysis (CODA), which can be used as evidence in courts around the world.

SigNify authentication services consist of 3 options:

  • Full forensic authentication at our laboratory in Stony Brook, NY
  • Field-level mobile units for point-of-activity authentication
  • On-site authentication at a customer’s QC/QA certified lab
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In-Field DNA Authentication — Portable DNA Reader System

The SigNify® IF portable DNA reader provides definitive real-time authentication of SigNature® DNA – DNA becomes a true, front-line solution for supply chain integrity.


  • 16 samples tested per run; 2 machines simultaneously for 32 samples
  • Stand-alone or PC-connected
  • Tabletop, portable
  • Custom assays for SigNature DNA marks

Use case:

  • Marking quality control – test for specific user mark
  • Unknown mark authentication – test for ADNAS mark; send to lab for traceability authentication
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On-site quality control

  • All-inclusive license program, includes machine, consumables, training and customer support
  • Up to 96 samples can be run in StepOnePlus™ machine (real-time PCR machine)
  • Easy to install and use
  • Real-time testing and reporting
  • Processing time ~5 hours
  • Allows for “quantification”

Forensic-level Testing

at Applied DNA Sciences’ Laboratory

Authentication services are conducted following ISO standards. Our team of scientists will conduct extensive analysis and provide detailed Certificate of DNA Authentication (CODA) reports providing customers with data that can be used in a court of law, if needed.