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  • Expand and strengthen any crime prevention effort by establishing the means to TAG, TRACE and CONVICT criminals

  • As a crime is being committed, the offended is sprayed with an indelible forensic tag

  • This tag helps police identify (UV light screening) and link (DNA) offenders and stolen items to specific crime scenes

  • Greater ability to convict and deter

How SentryBox Works

Forensically secure, proven SmartDNA technology

  • Creates a robust evidential chain
  • Exceptionally small unit
  • Ideal for covert use
  • Simple to install and use
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Sentry deployed in retail, bank, pharmacy, ATMs, vehicles, vending and ticket machines


Fleeing offender tagged with location-specific fluorescing DNA spray



Police screen suspects with UV light — sample glowing areas for DNA analysis



DNA analysis links offender to crime scene





What's included

Protect against theft and vandalism — retail locations, banks, pharmacies, industrial facilities

Box units incorporate an aerosol containing SmartDNA. Each canister contains a unique DNA code with 35 ml of liquid available to be sprayed in multiple activations onto the criminal(s) over a period of up to 8 seconds forensically linking criminal(s) to the crime scene.



• The spray is water-based and is completely safe and non-hazardous having been fully tested for safety by toxicologists.
• Under ambient lighting conditions the spray is colourless and does not visibly mark items.
• Under long-wave UV light, the spray is clearly visible with a bright red colour which cannot be confused with other fluorescent colours which occur naturally such as blue and yellow.
• The spray is ejected from the nozzle in a cone or wide-angle pattern.
• Ideal for use as a standalone unit linked to a push button trigger and/or sensor. Trigger using an external device (e.g., PIR, panic alarm, motion sensor, break glass sensor or tamper button).
• The Box unit is exceptionally small, measuring just 180 x 75 x 40 mm.
• Box is powered by 12 V DC.


System Includes:
SentryBox Dispensing Unit | 35mL SigNature® DNA Canister | 35mL Water Canister | Tubing, Nozzle, Mounting Hardware | Technical Manual | Warning Decals

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