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Applied DNA Sciences has been working with Palmetto Synthetics, a leader in the production of high quality, specialty synthetic fiber, since June 2016. A year later, Palmetto and Applied DNA signed a CertainT® license agreement, which enables Palmetto to reach their goals of bringing transparency to their own manufacturing processes, and also to provide their customers with traceability and trust in the original tagged synthetic fiber.

Palmetto Synthetics fiber has many uses, but is best known in the apparel, automotive and industrial applications. Fibers are used in trunk liners and throughout the interior of cars in the visible surface materials. In addition, the fiber manufactured by Palmetto is also used in other polyester and nylon fabrics such as footwear, performance apparel, geotextiles fabrics for erosion control, roofing products and filtration media.

Under the CertainT® platform, customers are provided with secure, forensic guidelines for monitoring the flow of product through the manufacturing process via molecular tagging, testing and tracking. Routine inspection and authentication is transparent and certified throughout the process via an integrated database and portal. CertainT also helps customers with meeting their sustainability goals by 2020. Products that use recycled, renewable or re-usable materials that have an eco-conscious composition can benefit from molecular tagging.

 “To continue to be an industry leader, one must embrace new technology in paving the way to commit to customer excellence through the promotion of state of the art technology. As indicated in the past, we have our eye on the future and we are excited about CertainT’s platform and look forward to total implementation.”

David Poston, President of Palmetto Synthetics

“The CertainT system physically traces the raw material, ingredient, component and product, so you can claim that you are performing full traceability from source to shelf. That’s the difference between most standards that certify products that use a paper trail, or a mass-balance approach, where certified raw materials, such as recycled PET can be easily mixed with non-certified ones. CertainT can help assure product integrity and traceability by ensuring the product itself.”

Dr. James A. Hayward, President and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences

About Palmetto Synthetics

Palmetto Synthetics, headquartered in Kingstree, SC, is a provider of custom design solutions in the world of synthetic fiber. They offer a wide range of polymers that can be spun into fiber for such end uses as footwear, performance apparel, geotextiles fabrics for erosion control, roofing products and filtration media. They also are heavily engaged in post-consumer recycled fibers for a variety of applications.