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Will Cannabis Soon Have Molecular 'Tags' to Trace Its Origins?

cannabis and test tubes

by Ben Hartman | Jul 28, 2020

The world of cannabis has never been one of black and white margins and clear, rigorous, or universal standards. Only recently has it become subject to any regulatory framework at all, save for criminal prohibition. How, in the legal cannabis era, does one verify a product is what its label claims it is, what strain it is, and where it came from?

One New York-based company thinks it has the answer to those questions, with technology it says will allow cannabis producers, customers, and regulators to track cannabis flower from seed to harvest to the dispensary shelf.

Applied DNA Sciences’ “CertainT” platform tags raw cannabis materials and products with a unique molecular identifier that the company says can be tracked as the product travels through its entire supply chain, potentially enabling new levels of compliance, quality control, and safety.

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Science, Numbers Back Applied DNA's COVID-19 Serums

PCR testing

The mice that roared: Five potential COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by Stony Brook-based Applied DNA Sciences are besting the novel coronavirus in laboratory mice.


With scientists around the world racing toward a COVID-19 vaccine, serums manufactured by a Long Island biotech are showing significant promise – both medically and economically.

Stony Brook-based Applied DNA Sciences and its lab partner, Italian innovator Takis Biotech, said this week that five linear-DNA based COVID-19 vaccine candidates developed by Takis and manufactured by Applied DNA “yielded strong antibody and T-cell responses” in laboratory mice, even at “very low doses” – suggesting “effective dosing empowering global utility.”

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Coalition Brings Pressure to End Forced Uighur Labor

More than 190 organizations have come together to demand an end to garments made by forced labor in China.

By Elizabeth Paton and Austin Ramzy | July 23, 2020

On Thursday, more than 190 organizations spanning 36 countries issued a call to action, seeking formal commitments from clothing brands to cut all ties with suppliers implicated in Uighur forced labor and to end all sourcing from the Xinjiang region of China in the next twelve months.

Roughly one in five cotton garments sold globally contains cotton or yarn from the Xinjiang region in northwestern China. There, authorities have used coercive labor programs and mass internment to remold as many as one million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other largely Muslim minorities into model workers obedient to the Communist Party. Camp inmates are forced to undergo job training, and some then take factory positions at little or no pay.

“Many brands have known for years about the growing body of evidence around Uighur exploitation,” said Peter Irwin, a spokesman for the Uyghur Human Rights Project, an advocacy group based in Washington, D.C. “They won’t stop unethical sourcing practices unless they are faced with real reputational risk and the possibility that consumers will stop shopping from their stores.”

Recent investigations by The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalAxios and others have found evidence that connects China’s forced detention of Turkic-speaking Uighurs to the supply chains of many of the world’s best-known fashion retailers, including Adidas, Lacoste, H & M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren and the PVH Corporation, which owns labels including Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

The unveiling of the coalition, calling itself End Uyghur Forced Labor, comes days after another Uighur rights campaign focused on the fashion industry, led by a European Parliament member, Raphaël Glucksmann, also made headlines.

That campaign prompted Adidas and then Lacoste to “agree to cease all activity with suppliers and subcontractors” in Xinjiang after they were implicated in a report published in March by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

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Member Blog: COVID-19 and the Impact on Cannabis

By John Shearman, Applied DNA Sciences

When the COVID-19 pandemic started to ramp up in the U.S. last March and stay at home orders were being put in place, medical cannabis patients took notice.

Marijuana leaves in shopping cart

I saw it firsthand with my wife who stocked up for three months, not knowing hat she was in for and wanted to make sure she had her treatments, just in case dispensaries were closed down. She was not alone, it has been well documented that this stocking upsurge took place and sales increased dramatically over a few months.

But many of these businesses did not close during the shutdown and it was a big milestone that several state governments declared medical dispensaries essential. This was a big statement to make for an emerging new industry that has been saddled with controversy over the years.

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Takis and Melanoma Foundation together towards
the COVID-19 vaccine

Applied DNA COVID-19 development partner Takis Biotech to collaborate with Melanoma Foundation (Italy) on immunologic evaluation of plasmid-based vaccine candidates. Collaboration beneficial to #APDN for the purposes of linear DNA forms of vaccine candidates.

Naples and Rome, 18 July 2020 – Takis and Melanoma Foundation announce a scientific collaboration aimed at the clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine in the autumn, called COVID-eVax.

In particular, the Foundation will provide the necessary support for the development of immunological assays and the characterization of the immune response in the volunteers who will be vaccinated.

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Applied DNA Ups Ante, Again, With Clinical Labs Spinoff

Scientists Working In Lab

This is a test: Applied DNA Sciences can now do its own clinical testing, perchance to speed up regulatory approvals of new COVID-19 tests and other potential breakthroughs.

JULY 9, 2020


One of Long Island’s busiest biotechs has spun off another local startup, this time focused on testing its own potential breakthroughs.

Stony Brook-based Applied DNA Sciences, which has quickly evolved from an upstart DNA-based supply-chain authenticator to a leader in unique DNA manufacturing, has launched Applied DNA Clinical Labs LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to the commercial development of two key verticals: Applied DNA’s virology tests, designed to quickly detect COVID-19, and its oncology tests, designed to sniff out invading cancer cells.

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Sanjay Hurry Joins APDN as Executive Director of
Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Applied DNA Sciences has appointed Mr. Sanjay Hurry to Executive Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications for the company. Mr. Hurry will oversee the Company’s outreach with the investor company and will report to Dr. James Hayward, president and CEO.

“We are thrilled to have Sanjay on board as we work to increase and enhance our engagement with the investor community,” said Dr. Hayward. “His demonstrated success in building strategic communications programs that support business growth and deep understanding of Applied DNA’s business will be key to helping us broaden Wall Street’s awareness of our proprietary PCR-based linear DNA manufacturing platform and its multiple applications across industrial and therapeutic industries, the latter our emerging diagnostics and vaccine development programs.”

Mr. Hurry brings over 20 years of investor relations and corporate communications experience for public companies and with investor relations agencies across a spectrum of diverse industries. For the past five years he served as Vice President at LHA Investor Relations, Applied DNA’s agency of record. He holds a BA from New York University.


Apparel Insider White Paper

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Apparel Insider is delighted to share a FREE white paper on how molecular tagging technology can shine a vital spotlight on cotton and apparel supply chains.

This is must-read for all apparel and textile sustainability teams.


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