Chinese New Year: Year of the Metal Rat

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of our CertainT partners, family, and employees at Applied DNA Sciences…may the Year of the Metal Rat bring you luck, prosperity and happiness!

2020 is an important year for CertainT as we expand our reach globally through Asia and build strong partnerships in Textiles and Apparel. We are grateful for the amazing CertainT partners we have built and look forward to an amazing year ahead. The Year of the Metal Rat is about new beginnings, and being creative and enterprising!

US Patent for CertainT® in manmade cellulosic fibres

Applied DNA Sciences, a leader in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-based DNA manufacturing for product authenticity, traceability solutions, nucleic acid-based biotherapeutic development and liquid biopsies, today announced that the UU Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted it United States patent no. 10,519,605 entitled Methods of Marking Cellulosic Products.

The newly issued patent covers methods of tagging man-made cellulosic (MMC) fibres or materials with a nucleic acid (DNA) tag during production and later authenticating the nucleic acid-tagged MMC fibers and/or materials via PCR-based detection techniques to confirm provenance and or authenticity.

Sainsbury’s Home launches ‘Sleep More Sustainably’ Collection

10 January 2020

Designed to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, the Sleep More Sustainably bedding will be available in a range of sizes, from single to king, with a total of 48* recycled plastic bottles going into a double plain duvet set. It is the latest step in the brand’s efforts towards more sustainably sourced and created products.

Sustainability, Traceability and Innovation —
GHCL mantras for success

Each company has some inherent strength that paves the path for growth. In that respect, GHCL’s strengths revolve around its penchant for innovation and consistent product development with the aim of creating a clear differentiation from competition, strong passion for sustainability and the circular economy, thought leadership in creating intellectual property, and its ability to partner with multiple agencies to realise its four-pillar strategy. As Manu Kapur, President and CEO – Home Textiles, GHCL, says: “At GHCL, all that we do consistently revolves around our four-pillar strategy of sustainability, traceability, innovation and giving back to society.”

“This truly is our competitive edge and is something that customers look at us for. We are extremely passionate about sustainability and the circular economy and strive to work with fibres that have a low environmental impact, employing processes and solutions that are sustainable and focus on reduction, reuse and recycling,” he adds. Over the years, GHCL has been continuing to work on strengthening its marketing, product development and operating teams in the home textile segment. And the strategic focus of the company continues to revolve around its well-defined four pillars.

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Industry Outlook

Facing Formidable Challenges, Cotton Business Aims to Move Forward.

January / February 2020 • By Debra Cobb

From rising tariffs to falling demand, and from sustainability issues to supply chain ethics, the cotton industry is currently dealing with a perfect storm of challenges. Amidst these difficulties, the “fabric of our lives” — long the fiber of choice for apparel and home textiles — is determined to improve future prospects from field to marketplace.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) November 2019 report, cotton stocks are high, and demand is falling. The USDA expects mill consumption to decline in China, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Thailand, Turkey, the U.S. and Vietnam.

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Retailers Beware: Manufacturers May be Beating You at Brand Storytelling

Himatsingka Himêya Brand Launches New Home Textiles

Today, consumers want to buy a story. And they want that story to tell a tale of sustainability and wellness, deliver on traceability and transparency, plus satisfy a very specific need. All at once.

While brands struggle to deliver on that message, sitting in storytelling seminars and wiling away hours in marketing meetings, manufacturers may be winning the game retailers didn’t know they were playing—because few know product and the demands of the market like they do. And more and more, they’ll rely less and less on retailers to deliver that message to consumers.

US vows greater effort to fight flood of counterfeit goods

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration pledged Friday to step up efforts against the vast amounts of counterfeit clothing, medicine and other goods that have flooded into the U.S. in increasing waves with the rise in e-commerce.

Customs and Border Patrol would subject online retailers, including the growing number of third-party sales that have proliferated on major online platforms, and warehouse operators to increased scrutiny and potential penalties under measures announced by Chad Wolf, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

The department also vowed to apply fines and penalties to a broader range of participants in e-commerce and to look for additional ways to interfere with fraudulent commerce.

Homeland Security views counterfeits as both an economic threat and a potential danger to public health because of online sales of fake pharmaceuticals and cosmetics with adulterated ingredients.

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Applied DNA Sciences tags, tests and tracks with CertainT®

In India, for the textile industry, the company offers its CertainT® platform, a unique solution to ensure that supply chain risks are minimised.

US-based Applied DNA Sciences offers technology which enables those in the textile industry to tag, test or track any material or product within their supply chain, with forensic certainty. These three options help the textile industry differentiate their products in the marketplace by protecting their products with DNA technology, from source to shelf. They also help protect intellectual property and ensure that products that are proprietary are forensically protected and authenticated. At the same time, they also minimise supply chain risk by ensuring that weak links in the supply chain are mitigated or eliminated.

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Miami University Student Visit

We were delighted to host faculty and students from Miami University that traveled from Oxford, Ohio to New York to learn about new innovations in the textile and apparel space. The students learned how the CertainT Tag-Test-Track platform works, how we apply DNA for cotton, cannabis and more, and more importantly how they, as consumers, can be more aware of the claims made about products, and how to prove that the claims are true from source to shelf.

Our thanks to Professor Leslie Stoel, Professor, Marketing and Fashion for the Farmer School of Business for introducing a new generation of bright minds to learn more about how DNA technology can change the world.

Field Notes: In The Name of Accountability

There’s a fine line when it comes to deeming a fiber “sustainable” — especially when it’s cotton. But a handful of domestic cotton producers are already farming responsibly, and view the emergence of sustainability as an opportunity for vast and impactful improvement throughout the cotton industry. To achieve that end, the National Cotton Council created a pilot of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, a new program developed to help the U.S. cotton production sector continue reducing its footprint by allowing producers to track their progress against specific sustainability goals — and to increase awareness of domestic cotton producers that are already doing it right. A pilot of the program was initiated earlier this year, and full implementation is scheduled for 2020.

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