Applied DNA Sciences and Reliance Industries Sign MOU to Incorporate CertainT Forensic Traceability into R|Elan Fabric and Recron GreenGold®</sup > Recycled Polyester Fiber and Filament

Applied DNA, Reliance Industry MOU lays groundwork for potential commercial implementation

December 10, 2019 — Applied DNA has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (the “MOU”) with Reliance Industries Ltd. (“RIL”) to develop and commercialize apparel made from RIL’s R|Elan GreenGold® fabric and Recron GreenGold® recycled polyester fiber and filament powered by CertainT. The collaboration as set forth in the MOU, provides for potentially extending apparel manufacturing using R|Elan GreenGold®, and the use of recycled polyester through Recron GreenGold into consumer and industrial applications in the global markets. Applied DNA has already demonstrated with its supply chain partners, full end-to-end traceability by tagging over 20 million lbs of recycled polyester, testing of hundreds of samples, and tracking of forensically authenticated products from fiber to finished goods. Commercial products are sold in over 4,000 US retail stores, with expansion into international markets before the end of 2019.
“Brands now have the option to add CertainT forensic traceability to assure that their products are sustainable, traceable and authentic,” said Gunjan Sharma, RIL.

Read more at Applied DNA

Applied DNA and Old Port Oil to Conduct First Pilot to Tag CBD Oil

CertainT® Platform Protects IP and Proves Product Origins

December 11, 2019 – Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: APDN) (“Applied DNA”), a leader in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-based DNA manufacturing for product authenticity, traceability solutions and nucleic acid-based biotherapeutic development, announced today it will conduct a funded pre-commercial pilot to tag cannabidiol (CBD) oil for Old Port Oil, Company (“Old Port Oil”) using its CertainT® platform to tag, test and track the CBD oil product. Newly formed Old Port Oil, a cannabis processor company, will soon launch its first CBD product and turned to Applied DNA’s CertainT platform to ensure its brand and IP protection and prove the origin of its CBD product proudly produced in Maine. Upon successful completion of the pilot project, Old Port Oil expects to ramp up commercial production in January and anticipates it will tag 100% of its inaugural product over the course of 2020.

Scott Keeler, Founder Old Port Oil, stated, “We are very impressed with the CertainT platform which allows us to provide our customers with uncontestable proof of product origin and, at the same time, protects our brand from counterfeits and misuse in the market place.”


Textile Insight: Trendsetters 2019

Congratulations to our very own MeiLin Wan, one of Textile Insight’s Trendsetters of 2019!

MeiLin’s continued passion for elevating traceability and transparency in the textile supply chain earned her a well-deserved place in this talented group of women in the textile industry.

Read more at Textile Insight

Happy Holidays from Bangkok

Happy Holidays from Wayne and MeiLin in Bangkok. We are very grateful for the amazing support from the Sun Chemical Supply Company that have been an integral part of our integrated supply chain programs in Asia. Onward and upward!

Sustainability with a Smile from Sydney

Met with amazing Aussie entrepreneurial women in Sydney. Karen Platt from One P Design, a fashion line dedicated to both style and sustainability. Made me smile when we met at Kirribilli market and later had the opportunity to view their collection in person at their facility in Neutral Bay.

Earlier that day I had met with Balmoral‘s talented designer who had made amazing handbags from recycled bottles.

In the Rocks, I met Joanne Pagano, owner and designer at Made to Wear. She was cutting her own patterns and sewing her garments in front of her store when I stepped in. I was so happy to see her actually creating a garment in real time.

Loved meeting local designers that are making a mark with their brands and owning it!

SATRA Sustainable Footwear Forum

Photo credit: Leather UK

Tony Benson was keynote speaker at the SATRA Technology Centre Sustainable Footwear Forum!

Tony’s topic, ‘Enabling Traceability in the Value Chain’, discussed the use of DNA tags to trace leather from farm to footwear.

8 Companies Working To Make Fashion Sustainable

By MeiMei Fox, December 9, 2019

While Forever 21 files for bankruptcy and other fast fashion brands suffer, “sustainability” is increasingly becoming the buzz word in the clothing industry today. “Sustainable fashion” web searches have increased by 66%. Unfortunately, the industry still has a long way to go. It is responsible for over 5% of global carbon emissions, second only to the oil and gas industry. Even more tragic, 87% of produced clothing ends up incinerated or in a landfill. Here are eight companies attempting to move the needle in the fashion industry by making it more sustainable.


The Cards You Are Dealt

The cards you are dealt can be changed to bring the planet even greater prosperity with sustainability, traceability and transparency. Thanks to Lenzing Group TENCEL™ for sharing these amazing cards with us at Textile Exchange in Vancouver! Love it!

Sourcing Journal Webinar

The statistics surrounding textile recycling are enough to make anyone with a conscience cringe: Americans toss over 80 pounds of used clothing each year, and 60 percent of clothing ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year.

What’s more, recycling of textiles is virtually non-existent, with less than 1 percent of existing textiles going back into textiles. Given that the total number of garments the average consumer purchased each year increased by 60 percent from 2000 to 2014, a lot clearly needs to change.

In Sourcing Journal’s “Closing the Loop” webinar, Cyndi Rhoades, CEO/founder of Worn Again Technologies and MeiLin Wan, VP, textile sales at Applied DNA, discuss the challenges and solutions of textile recycling, including how companies can buy, sell and design with circularity in mind.

Listen to “Closing to Loop” as we explore:

  • Just why textile and garment-to-garment recycling is so difficult
  • The differences between mechanical and chemical recycling
  • How to design with recycling in mind
  • The importance of traceability and the tools that can be used
  • Solutions for recycling blended fibers
  • The advances of designing with recycled PET
  • The areas most in need of consumer education—and the best ways to teach them
  • Where cost plays into all of this


  • MeiLin Wan, VP, textile sales, Applied DNA
  • Cyndi Rhoades, CEO/founder, Worn Again Technologies
  • Caletha Crawford, publisher, Sourcing Journal (moderator)

Your organic cotton t-shirt might be worse
for the environment than regular cotton

The word “organic” is a powerful marketing tool. In clothing—just as in food—brands love to tout their use of organic agricultural products to show they’re doing their part to fight the industry’s outsized environmental footprint. They know consumers want products they believe are better for them and the planet. “Organic,” which generally means something was grown without synthetic additives or pesticides and wasn’t genetically modified, seems to promise as much.

But the reality isn’t always so simple. Your organic cotton t-shirt may have actually used up more resources to produce than one made of conventionally grown cotton, and could have a greater overall impact on the environment.

Read more at Quartz

Loftex brings CBD oil to towels in new Wellness collection

Looking to make bathing a more relaxing experience, Loftex will launch a collection centered on wellness.
CBD oil from the sustainable hemp plant headlines the new Wellness collection. “This beautiful oil has become recognized and accepted in the world of wellness and it seemed only natural to have it as a part of the new Loftex Wellness Collection,” said Gretchen Dale, SVP Loftex.

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