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Loftex bath towels including recycled PET (rPET) source-verified by the CertainT® platform are now available at US retailers. The CertainT tagging and tracing platform is provided by Applied DNA Sciences. Loftex, a leading manufacturer of high-quality towels, introduced the eco-friendly towel, partially comprised of rPET materials as part of their commitment to sustainability both in their factory and their product.

What started with e-commerce venues, now will hit retail floors across the country in the second calendar quarter of 2019. Loftex markets and sells bath and beach towels with CertainT source verification for rPET through an exclusive licensing agreement with Applied DNA. Additional products utilizing CertainT source-verification for rPET will continue to be introduced in towels and other home products this year.

Loftex Genesis towels and bathtub
Loftex Hempstead towels
Loftex Evolution towels bathtub

The Loftex cotton-polyester blend terry towels feature polyester derived from 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester. The recycled polyester is known as rPET (polyethylene terephthalate). The recycled polyester fibers are blended with cotton so the towel has the best of both fibers. The blend provides superior absorbency, dries quickly in the dryer and on the towel rod, is resistant to odor and mildew, and stays soft wash after wash. By using Applied DNA’s CertainT platform, the recycled nature of the rPET component of the towel can be verified by detecting an indelible molecular tag, thus ensuring rPET authenticity and origin in the finished product.

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Loftex Evolution towels
Loftex Genesis towels

“Loftex consistently strives to find better, more efficient and more intelligent ways to do things. Our new towels embody this mission, and the use of Applied DNA’s CertainT platform reinforces our commitment to use the most technologically advanced methods to ensure our products are true to their sustainable claims.”

Charles Gaenslen, CEO of Loftex Home

“We are committed to differentiating leading companies, like Loftex, by giving their customers a premier authentication system reinforced by CertainT.”

Dr. James A. Hayward, CEO of Applied DNA

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Loftex has established a global reputation for leadership in innovation, fashion, quality, sustainability and value throughout the world. Product innovation in sustainability and commitment to the environment go deep into the heart of what makes Loftex tick. Loftex is committed to make the best product for their consumer while never taking their eyes off of how to make that product with the least possible impact on the environment.