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PCR-Produced Linear DNA for Nucleic Acid Therapies

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Unique large-scale PCR production of linear DNA is positioned as a viable, bacteria-free alternative to plasmid-produced DNA.

Over 14 companies are in the process of evaluating linear DNA for use in gene therapies, RNA therapies, DNA and RNA vaccines against infectious agents and cancer as well as CAR T therapies.

We are acting as a CRO, helping companies design therapies with linear DNA as well as a CMO where we can produce large (gram) scale quantities for therapies progressing through clinical trials.

Our linear DNA has shown expression and immunogenicity that meets or exceeds that of plasmids.

We believe that linear DNA will benefit your regulatory process, especially crafting the CMC.

PCR-Produced Linear DNA for in vitro Diagnostic Applications

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Our linear DNA is used by customers who serve the in vitro diagnostics market. The linear DNA we provide to our diagnostic customers is modified — labeled through our large-scale PCR process, optimizing its performance for the final diagnostic assay. In addition to performance optimization, the production of linear DNA in large lots with quantifiable reproducibility improves the efficiency of our customer’s large quality control for incoming raw materials, and improves the overall quality, accuracy and reproducibility of their products.


LineaRx, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Applied DNA Sciences, provides large-scale production of DNA sequences using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Scaling PCR for high volume delivers highly purified DNA, without the complications of plasmids, for use in cell therapies, vaccines, diagnostics and gene therapies. We can meet CRO and CMO needs with linear DNA at any scale.

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