Intruder Marking – Crime Prevention

Expand and strengthen any crime prevention effort by establishing the means to mark, trace and convict criminals.

Sentry Intruder Marking Systems are deployed in retail locations, banks, pharmacies, industrial facilities — any place where the goal is crime prevention, to protect against theft or vandalism. If a crime is committed, the Sentry spray unit is activated, spraying intruders with a liquid containing an indelible DNAnet® forensic tag.

Linking Criminals to Crime Scenes

Sentry Intruder Marking Systems

with DNAnet forensic tagging technology

  • Sentry can be used as a standalone system, or integrated into an existing security system.
  • Small, flexible design with remote solenoid where space is restrictive.
  • Ideal for covert CIT, ATM and rapid-deployment settings.
  • Multiple discharge jets allow for instant and covert marking of intruders.
  • Activation from any input device (e.g., tamper switch, glass sensor, vibration sensor, panic button).
  • With forensic DNA at its core, DNAnet is an effective means of deterring crime. Compelling warning decals posted at point of use place criminals on alert. 
  • The DNAnet mark emits a bright red UV signal making it easy to identify on the spot. Once the signal has been detected, the evidence is sent to Applied DNA Sciences for forensic evaluation.