Printing and Packaging Authentication

The global economic impact of counterfeit products has reached an estimated $1.7 trillion dollars. No industry is immune to the authentication issue: electronics, books, cosmetics or pharmaceutical drugs are being counterfeited. 

The dangers of this phenomenon have serious consequences and the costs are soaring.

Applied DNA Sciences can help.

Applied DNA Sciences’ patented SigNature DNA molecular tags can be added to ink or varnish that is used to create labels, primary and secondary packaging, allowing manufacturers and brands to validate and authenticate throughout the entire supply chain, all the way to the retail shelf.

SigNature DNA is compatible with a wide variety of host carriers, such as varnishes, inks, textiles and metals. The flexibility of this technology is unprecedented. Once inoculated with SigNature DNA, a product can be tested any time thereafter to authenticate the item’s originality.

Our anti-counterfeiting solutions cannot be copied and provide definitive, forensic proof of authentication. Applied DNA Sciences is able to furnish a Certificate of DNA Analysis (CoDA), effectively deterring counterfeiters and strengthening the supply chain.

Our Partners

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