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  • Forbes: How Hemp and the Farm Bill May Change Life As You Know It
  • 2018 Hot Button Report
  • Shanghai
  • Taipei
  • Just Style: New blockchain traceability platform for high-end products
  • Fast Company: Did a slave make your sneakers? The answer is: probably
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  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
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December Message

With just about 2 weeks left in 2018, we will soon be welcoming the New Year!
As we plan for festivities and make our New Year’s resolutions, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank our CertainT partners, distributors and employees around the world, from Australia, China, Europe, India, and of course the United States. We have traveled far and wide this year to visit with clients and our partners at gins, spinning mills and manufacturing facilities, for cotton, down and feather, polyester, nylon, leather, wool and much more.
The common theme from all our visits comes down to the “truth in materials”. How do you know if your material is used from source to shelf? The transparency that is demanded by NGOs and consumers focuses the microscope lens on the supply chain to not just say the right things but to do the right things, all the way – from start to finish.
At Applied DNA, we believe that you can control your own destiny. You can give identity to your products simply by using your CertainT system. The ability to forensically verify that your products are not copied or diverted, and ensure your brand integrity is protected is…priceless.
We wish all of you and your families a very happy, healthy and happening 2019!
All the best,
Textiles Team at Applied DNA

WWD: Fashion Forward: Fabrics of the Future

Ten steps closer to tech-forward, sustainable, traceable apparel.

By Tracey Greenstein on December 19, 2018
Tag, test, track, repeat. This is the process fulfilled by CertainT, Applied DNA Sciences’ proprietary traceability system that follows materials’ travels from original rPET pellets to the finished product, the company said. CertainT can be integrated into synthetic yarns from polyester, viscose and other “high-end” yarns through a fully traceable and source-verified supply chain. MeiLin Wan, vice president of textiles at Applied DNA Sciences, told WWD, “CertainT is the future for fashion and textiles because it will be providing end-to-end traceability for a wide range of materials such as cotton, synthetics, recycled materials, biomaterials, wool, cashmere, down — virtually any material can be tagged to provide transparency within the supply chain and transparency to the consumer. We continue to work with iconic global brands to share the benefits of the technology and the consumers are forcing brands to take a closer look at product authenticity.”


Forbes: How Hemp And The Farm Bill
May Change Life As You Know It

The 2018 US Farm Bill has now legalized commercial production of hemp. But what is hemp, and why should you care?
What is hemp?
Imagine a sweater softer than any fabric you’ve ever felt before, and more durable than cotton.
Imagine a car built with something lighter than steel that could stand 10 times the impact without denting.
Imagine if you could save four acres of trees by making paper from a single acre of a rapid-growing plant, instead.

The Hot Button Report: 2018 Ranking of
Viscose Producer Performance

We applaud the tireless efforts of Canopy, a not-for-profit organization whose primary focus is forest conservation; in particular, protecting endangered and ancient forests. Founded in 1999, Canopy relies on third-party audits, or CanopyStyle Audits, as the basis of their yearly assessment of viscose and rayon producers.
Select highlights of producer performance in 2018 include:
  • Three major producers, Lenzing, Birla Cellulose & filament yarn producer ENKA, representing 28% of global viscose supply, attained ‘light green shirt’ rankings;
  • Yibin Grace, the world’s 5th largest by volume, is highlighted for proactively engaging with Canopy this year, and for quickly finalizing their policy and embarking on the CanopyStyle audit;
  • Sanyou has risen to 4th place in the Hot Button rankings, earning a ‘yellow/green shirt’ indicating continuous progress;
  • Increasingly, viscose producers are taking action and playing an advocacy role to support the conservation of critical forest landscapes.
“With brands and retailers having clear purchasing guidelines to source only from Hot Button green-shirt producers from 2020 onwards, it is no longer an option for producers to ignore their forest impacts,” says Nicole Rycroft, Canopy Founder and Executive Director. “It is a clear sign that sustainable sourcing is imperative and that next generation solutions for the textile industry are on its way.”


One of the most vibrant, dynamic and innovative cities we traveled to this month. The need for truth in materials, especially in food, pharmaceutical and textiles could not be more pressing. The ability for our CertainT partners to be able to verify their products made in China is a big advantage given the fact many products today can be copied with use of chemical or rare earth materials used as tracers.



Merry Christmas from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi center in Taipei. This is one of the most innovative places in the world for textiles, footwear and apparel.
We have been very fortunate to be welcomed so warmly by the textile community here and look forward to continuing our efforts to bring our CertainT platform to multiple industries in Taiwan.

Just Style: New blockchain traceability platform
for high-end products

Applied DNA Sciences is teaming up with Everledger to develop and market a combined physical and digital supply chain traceability and certification solution that will initially target leather and luxury goods.
The two parties will utilize Applied DNA Sciences CertainT® molecular tagging and authentication systems, together with Everledger’s blockchain-based platform for provenance verification.

Fast Company: Did a slave make your sneakers?
The answer is: probably

We often talk about slavery as if it was a thing of the past–a horror from another era, perpetrated by people who have no resemblance to us. But the truth is that slave labor is still alive and well. And a new report produced by the nonprofit KnowTheChain points out that your closet is likely full of clothes made through forced labor.
Today’s slave labor doesn’t look the way it did a hundred years ago. Instead, it involves poor people in developing countries trying to find work at clothing and shoe factories and finding themselves exploited.

PANTONE 17-4724 Pagoda Blue

Wisdom. Truth. Vision.

“The color for the month of December is Pagoda Blue. Deep and attractive, this color signifies wisdom, truth and optimism. Pagoda Blue lends vision and trust to those who wear it. It’s a great color to wear while traveling or exploring. The color was a useful aid in dealing with others who have alternative points of view.”
Source: Colorstrology 2005, Michele Bernhardt, Quirk Books.

Notable Sagittarius Designers

Tara Subkoff

Gianni Versace

Jil Sander

Manolo Blahnik

John Galliano

Malene Birger

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the ninth of the 12 signs of the zodiac, which begins its cycle late fall every year during Sagittarius season—which falls around November 22-December 21.
Favorite Things: Dares, flirting, pets, pop music, international travel, laughter, karaoke, books, inspirational stories
What You Hate: Prejudice, routines, rules, being bored, taking things too seriously, the words “you can’t”
Secret Wish: To make the rules
How to Spot Them: Strong legs, laughing eyes, comedic facial expressions

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