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Recognizing that DNA-based evidence is the cornerstone of modern-era law enforcement, Applied DNA Sciences offers enhanced DNA security, crime-fighting tools that repel the initial threat while marking offenders with a unique molecular tag that definitively links them to the crime scene.

Increased conviction numbers and a heightened level of deterrence result from a DNA-fortified approach to crime prevention. 

SmokeCloak® DNA security fog 

When deployed in pharmacies, banks, commercial/retail locations, SmokeCloak DNA helps protect staff, customers and assets. A thick and disorienting fog wards off offenders and deposits a unique, location-specific DNA tag on skin, clothing and stolen items. The combination of fog and DNA technologies strikes fear into criminal hearts; deterrence levels soar.


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About SmokeCloak and Smoke Solutions

Smoke Solutions (Smoke & Screen Security Systems) is a smoke security and ventilation company that develops sophisticated instant protection systems and has been involved with SmokeCloak for 18 years. SmokeCloak is the market leader in fog solution technology. Whether you’re concerned about reducing losses in the initial minutes of a break-in or reducing personal risk at fire training sessions our fog solutions provide instant safety. Our harmless dry vapor has no negative side effects, and can now be DNA-fortified to add an entire new dimension to crime prevention and property loss control.