Javier Hasse , Benzinga Staff Writer

Cannabis plants can now be forensically tracked through every stage of the supply chain with the launch of ETCH Biotrace, a cannabis tagging system that uses Applied DNA’s CertainT platform, in partnership with TheraCann. This new seed-to-sale solution seeks to provide transparency to the legal cannabis industry and is designed to molecularly tag cannabis plants in commercial harvests rapidly.

Dr. James Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences, said, “With the growth of the legal cannabis industry reported to reach $50 billion in just 10 years, the industry needs a reliable system to prove origin and provenance of the plants being tracked in seed-to-sale systems. By using ETCH Biotrace to tag, track and trace cannabis plants, we are providing a powerful tool that the industry can use to prevent illegal diversion of and illegally-sourced cannabis from entering the supply chain. Using the seed-to-sale system of ETCH Biotrace, which includes our CertainT platform, the combined system can comply with legislative guidelines established in different states and countries.”