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Backtrac - Tagging Solution for the United States
Lost or stolen items can be
identified and recovered so you
get it back!

What is Backtrac?

Backtrac is a long-lasting tagging solution containing a unique molecular signature. Simply brush the clear liquid onto your valuables.

Invisible in normal light, the tagged area glows bright red under UV light, helping police identify and return your lost or stolen items.

Backtrac personal property marking kit logo

Three easy steps to secure your valuables

Secure up to 100 items with one kit

Backtrac property tagging solution can be safely applied to a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic and textiles.

Backtrac Personal Property Marking Kit includes:

• 5mL vial of Backtrac
• Registration card
• Application instructions
• Home decals
• Asset stickers

*Kit includes free UV light